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Hurun Global Unicorn List Unveils 11 Blockchain Unicorns

The Shanghai-based Hurun Report, a research institute famous for its annual China Rich List, has released its first Global Unicorn List, which includes 11 blockchain unicorns out of the world’s 494 billion-dollar companies.

The report defines a unicorn as a tech start-up founded in the 2000s that has reached a valuation of US$1 billion but not yet listed on a public exchange.

China leads the world with 206 or 42% of the world’s unicorns, followed by the U.S. with its unicorn numbers being 203. China’s Ant Financial (a fin-tech startup), Bytedance (a social media firm) and Didi Chuxing (a mobile transportation platform), are the world’s top three unicorns, with a valuation of $150 billion, US$75 billion and US$55 billion, respectively.


When it comes to the blockchain sector that ranks the 16th most valuable industry in terms of market valuation, the 11 blockchain startups on the list contribute around US$40.5 billion, or 2% of the total US$1.7 trillion of the world’s 494 unicorns.


These blockchain startups are among the fastest-growing unicorns. The average age of the blockchain unicorns is 5.36 years, younger than the majority; and the average valuation reaches about $3.7 billion, significantly higher than some other industries.

Bitmain, Canaan, Binance and Ebang, whose total valuation accounts for 46% of the total valuation of blockchain unicorns, are leading the Chinese blockchain team.

Bitmain, the most valuable blockchain firm with a valuation of $12 billion, ranks 20th among the world’s 494 billion-dollar startup companies, followed by Coinbase ($8bln) 30 8, Ripple ($5bln), Canaan ($3bln), Circle ($2bln), Binance ($2bln), Block.One ($2bln), Dfinity ($2bln), Ebang ($1.5bln), Bitfury ($1 bln) and Liquid Global ($1 bln).


It is not difficult to find that the blockchain companies listed are all leaders engaged in crypto mining (4), crypto trading (4) and public chain development (3). As the industry is still in the early stage, the biggest application of the blockchain industry is centering on bitcoin trading, which enables these companies to get the biggest dividend.

“The opportunities brought by the new economy are global, as long as you make the industry big in China, you could be a global leader in the emerging industries such as e-commerce, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc.” said Hurun Report Chairman and Chief Researcher Rupert Hoogewerf, known as Hurun in China.

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