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Huobi Partners With Sina to Educate Public With 100 Blockchain Video Clips

Huobi release the first blockchain video clips today along with Sina, one of the internet portal in China. There is a total of 100 clips with new one released on a daily basis. Each episode is intended to answer one question. Technically, it’s an FAQ on cryptocurrency and blockchain in cartoon. The educational video is the latest attempt to educate the public about blockchain. 60s length makes each clip neat and fast to share on social media like Weibo or Wechat.

The first episode briefly introduces the history of currency, just in line with its title: From Barter Trade to Bitcoin.

“The cost of printing money could be less than one cent but it could be used to purchase goods of 100 yuan. As fiat money is backed by national credits so people are convinced that such worthless paper could swap real commodities. “

Then Bitcoin was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 with all of its transactions being recorded on blockchain, one of the bedrock technologies of Bitcoin.

The cartoon figure is wearing a hat with Bitcoin logo, signally the cryptocurrency is inevitably the theme when talking about blockchain.

Following the “Bitcoin Exchange Ban”, all Bitcoin exchanges based in China will be shut down by the end of October 2017. Huobi seems to be unaffected by the regulatory policy by contributing more resources on brining blockchain awareness to the public.
Sina is the parent company of Weibo, one of the most influencial social media in China. As a counterpart of twitter, almost all major social events in China are first aroused on weibo then radiated to other channels.


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