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Huobi Australia Launches Its Official Domain Name, Early Birds May Trade Free For 30 Days

Huobi, a world-leading cryptocurrency financial services provider, is taking all the right steps to expand its cryptocurrency exchange kingdom. The world’s third-largest cryptocurrency exchange is making its next global trip to Australia after opened trading offices in US, Singapore Japan and other countries.

Huobi Australia has informed crypto fans that, its official domain name ( has finally gone live on June 20. According to the infotmation on the official web page, the pre-registration will be available from 10 a.m. June 28.

The New users may trade free for 30 days as long as they complete the authentication with a certain amount of deposits in their account before July 5. The trading service may be available since 10 a.m. July 5th (AEST).DgG3CN9VQAANK7M

Huobi Australia also provides users with a set of features in store, it can provide world-class security, AUSTRAC registered, AUD to digital asset trading; with over 5 million users globally, along with large number trading pairs; the professional market insights and analysis and competitive trading experience and rates may differentiate it from other crypto exchanges.

It appears that, Huobi has addressed some of the growing risk issues among crypto industry, for example, the security, legitimacy and lack of support. The exchange platform is listed by CoinMarketCap to trade close to $900k on a 24-hour basis. It has also launched HB10 index last month, with uses weighted samples to track a pool of top 10 crypto assets trade on its platform against USDT (tether), a dollar-pegged cryptocurrency.

According to an announcement launched today, Bloomberg Terminal has added Huobi’s HB10 market index, its users are now able to track the performance of top 10 cryptocurrencies trading on Huobi. The exchange also provide an exchange-traded fund that uses HB10 index as a benchmark to allow investors to invest in a variety of assets at once.


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