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Huaxia Bank TeamUp with Tencent, Build Financial Platform for Blockchain Supply Chain

On December 19, Digital Asset · Smart Finance – Globel Cloud Chain, Tencent, Huaxia Bank Strategic Cooperation Conference was held in Guangzhou. Huaxia Bank Guangzhou Branch provided billions of credit line for this platform.


SME have troubles in financing and it’s a long-standing social problem. The financial advantage of the supply chain is that it’s free from the entity credit of the money-borrowing enterprises, but depending on the debtor’s credit evaluation asset quality. This has been concerned by policies, capital and bank in recent years

In October this year, the General Office of the State Council issued the Guiding Opinions on Actively Promoting the Innovation and Application of Supply Chain to promote supply chain finance to serve the real economy. Encouraging commercial banks and core enterprises of supply chain to establish financial service platform for supply chain, and provide efficient and convenient financing channels for SMS enterprises along the supply chain.

Guangdong Yibang Holdings, the parent company of Guangdong Youbei Information Technology Co., Ltd., is a supply chain management company with experience in the supply chain management of massive health industry. Relying on Tencent’s blockchain technology, Globel Cloud Chain reconstructs the credit foundation of supply chain finance, so as to ensure the authenticity of financial transactions in supply chain.

“We banks hope, relying on the industrial chain, to create a positive and steady supply chain financial service and better allocate financial resources in those promising industries.”

Xiao Rong, general manager of Small Loan Department of Huaxia Bank Guangzhou Branch, expressed their wish of deeper cooperation with Globel Cloud Chain in the future, bringing out its strength in account management and features such as payment, and working together to explore supply chain finance innovation, to truly provide safe and efficient financial services for the real economy centered on massive health industry.

Cai Yige, general manager of Tencent blockchain, said,

” Tencent blockchain’s hyperledger and smart contract can ensure fund flow’s traceability, and information’s transparency and sharing.”


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