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Huangpu District Proposes “ Blockchain+AI” Initiative to Benefit Commercial Affairs

Recently, Huangpu District of Guangzhou launched the ” blockchain platform for business service “. Huangpu district’s “blockchain +AI” business initiative ushers a new era where a shared “registration network” based on blockchain was built up. Through expanding to the countries and regions along the “one belt and one road” area, the initiative explored to realize “offshore processing” for enterprises in Hong Kong and Macao. Miss Liu, a youth entrepreneur got the first business license of the whole country on the platform of “blockchain + AI ” within one and a half hours.

“In recent years, the booming policy of supporting the growth of enterprises in Huangpu district attracts us to choose to settle down. We don’t need to wait and we can approach at any time when we require for service”

As the first provincial business environment reform and innovation pilot zone in Guangdong, Huangpu district has launched three major business environment reform and innovation brands in the fields of administrative approval reform, intellectual property reform and policy implementation.

In late April, based on existing policies, Huangpu district launched edition 3.0 of the commercial reform with higher convenience to realize “one machine at hand, sweep code as you can”. Enterprise founders can finish information registration and other procedures within 15 minutes by Wechat mini program without leaving home. Huangpu district aims to create a competitive business environment worldwide. The blockchain platform for commercial affairs is consistent with the existing enterprise preferential policies in Huangpu district. It will reduce materials, time and expenses for the start-up process of enterprises. Market Supervision Bureau of Huangpu district said,

“The electronic registration of application information requires no paper materials; the repeated information solely collected at a time; business licenses and stamps are delivered free of charge, thus saving time and expenses for enterprises.”

In late August, “Enterprise Start-up Service Hall” appeared in the Huangpu district government service center, ” One-stop Service for enterprise start-up ” and “forty-four certificates-oneness ” were launched at the same time. It has become the innovative measure of the 2.0 edition of enterprise service after the “instant approval” list of government service in China. 3.0 edition of the commercial reform is further optimized to enhance the security of business start-up, meanwhile achieving “all-day, zero-meeting”. In late June, Huangpu district became the first business environment reform and innovation pilot zone in Guangdong province. Now, Huangpu District starts a new round of business environment reform and innovation, and equate the promotion of business environment as a part of the user experience of enterprises and the masses to local governments.


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    Huangpu District Proposes “ Blockchain+AI” Initiative to Benefit Commercial Affairs …

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