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How to master Forex CRM in 6 simple steps

What is the core part of your Forex brokerage business? A high-quality trading platform? A set of secure payment providers integrated into your company? Eye-catching technology? The truth is, the vast majority of brokers frequently forget that traders are their core and the more satisfied they are with the services offered, the more clearly defined will be your road to success.


A high-quality trading CRM is very important when it comes to the satisfaction of traders’ needs. This type of software plays a crucial role in the process of increasing your customer base and fostering the loyalty of your customers.

In the search of the best CRM solution

Newer brokers need to spend some time looking for the ultimate software that matches their business needs on the whole. For instance, B2Core is the leading market solution whereby business owners get something unique that is a cut above its competitors. A high-end CRM, trader’s room and client’s portal integrated as an all-in-one solution empowers brokers to capture numerous clients while effectively transforming leads into active traders.

Nevertheless, the CRM software integrated into your brokerage business is only half of its overall success, as business owners should also understand how to master their FX CRMs. The following 6 steps are highlighted:

#1. Understand which types of leads are the best for transforming into active traders

The first and foremost feature of a high-quality CRM for Forex is the ability to increase your sales process. The software provides quick access to the process of interaction with leads while displaying the steps and progress for each lead. Furthermore, these systems are responsible for the clusterization of leads, enabling a business owner or a sales manager to find out which ones are the most effective from the viewpoint of their transformation into active traders. That said, a brokerage company owner may adjust promotions according to the results of leads analysis.

#2. Work on your promotions to correspond with the needs of your target audience

After you find out which type of leads match your platform best, you should never disregard this information, as your success may depend on it. A CRM solution unlocks the best-matching leads for your brokerage business. The next step is to make a profound analysis of what those potential clients expect to get from a broker (e.g features, conditions, fees, special offers). A well-planned strategy allows business owners to attract more clients, driving their companies forward.

#3. Make active traders stay on your platform

Interaction with leads is exceptionally important, hence, you need to be aware that insufficient functionality and unfulfilled expectations may cause newer entrants to question their choices. Sometimes, there are complaints about features or commissions, for example, but high-end support will always save the situation. An ultimate Forex CRM and qualified support team are the two most important components. The Customer Relationship Management System addresses all the requests to support agents in a timely manner, and will provide traders with detailed answers. Don’t forget that instantly reacting to complaints and misellaneous issues is one of the key factors for overall success.

#4. ‘Know Your Clients’ through a system of reports

Imagine a situation in which your brokerage company is proceeding in the right way i.e. you transform leads into active traders and they stay on your platform. With a good CRM this will be the case! CRM systems enable managers and business owners to receive profound information about traders – statistics, volume, experience, and more. The better you know your clients, the more chances there are to satisfy all categories of traders. Analyze your active traders to monitor changes in their behavior and launch products that target your clients’ needs.

#5. Fix errors in your sales strategy

CRM solutions are exceptionally effective for attracting more leads and transforming them into active traders. Furthermore, high-quality systems can drive your business even further and correct your existing sales strategy on the basis of leads clusterization and reports. This step elevates your brokerage to a new level, enabling you to invite more and more traders, as you will better understand what your clients need.

#6. Constant upgrades are very important

Nothing lasts forever – this statement has remained relevant for centuries, and the same relates to trading software. New technology appears, offering the ultimate features and promising to make your business lucrative. CRM systems also grow old with the times. It is best to deal with providers who launch constant updates and maintain your system to correspond with up-to-date needs.

A Customer Relationship Management system is exceptionally important for both newer and experienced brokers, and B2Core offers the leading market solution which unites a Forex back office (CRM), trader’s room, and client’s portal. The number of competitive advantages offered is truly enormous. In addition, business owners are able to select from three packages, yet there is no need to purchase features that are not required.

As well as must-have features like clusterization, detailed reports, automation, etc. B2Core contains all these options and lots more. No matter which package is chosen, brokers get access to 24/7 support and obtain continual updates for their CRM solutions.

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