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HK Stock Exchange Chief China Economist Declined the BCH Gift from Roger Ver

Roger Ver, the ardent supporter of Bitcoin Cash, spares no effort to push forward the development of the BCH community, but he goes a little too far sometimes.

In a recent meeting with Ba Shusong , Chief China Economist at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE), the BCH evangelist invited the BCH community to send small amounts of BCH coins to Ba in order to get the high-profile figure who has millions of Weibo followers to help promote the cryptocurrency. Ver’s latest move is seen by some people as a crowd sourced bribe.

And Ver tweeted like this on May 21 along with a picture of them together and Ba’s BCH address:

I’m currently explaining Bitcoin Cash to @Shusong_Ba, the Chief Economist for the HK stock exchange. Show him how amazing BCH is by sending him some so he can tell his 9M Weibo followers about it. His address:

— Roger Ver (@rogerkver) May 21, 2018

The influential Chinese economist, however, declined the gift politely. Ba said on Weibo, a popular Chinese microblogging website, several hours later:


“Today I met Roger Ver, the famous investor in Bitcoin Cash. He was keen to invite everyone around him to download the BCH wallet app and to teach us how to send and receive BCH. He said he would invite his fans to send several Chinese Yuan worth of BCH to my newly-created account. I thought he was joking, until I really received some cryptocurrencies at night. Thank you.But I have donated all BCH I received to a charitable foundation and deleted the account.”

The photo posted on Ba’s weibo confirmed that he received 0.31710013 BCH in total from Roger Ver’s fans, and the donationas may easily surpass $300 at current price.

Ba has already emptied his wallet and removed his personal wallet. And Roger Ver deleted that tweet immediately after Ba turned a cold shoulder to BCH.

In previous interviews, Ba has given his crystal clear view of bitcoin and blockchain. He did not think bitcoin is a successful experiment.

“The original intention of a monetary system is not to make currency holders rich , but to   make the transaction more convenient and to benefit the economy.But bitcoin does not bring us any of these benefits. ”Ba said.

But he believes blockchian has the potential to transform various industries. “Blockhain solutions are expected to be widely adopted by banks, insurance companies and payment service providers at first.” Ba said.


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