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ImToken Close $10 Million Series A from IDG Capital

Jun 1, 2018


May 31 Hangzhou- imToken, the world’s largest Ethereum digital asset wallet widely supporting 30,000 tokens, announces $10 million in Series A funding from IDG Capital, a leading investment firm notable for their portfolio of top cryptocurrency companies including Coinbase and Circle. ...

OKEx Technical Bug Made Me A Billionaire Today

May 23, 2018


May 22th, OKEx, the third largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, announced that withdrawal services and fiat trading have been suspended. The move came after users posted snapshots showing their huge crypto "windfall" in their OKEx account. These users jokingly said “I’m n...

8btc lab review on Antminer B3, the Bytom ASIC

May 16, 2018


8btc lab has conducted a test on the Antminer B3, the Bytom ASIC. Video report could be found below. The word blockchain has become one of the hottest words in 2018. More and more relevant articles appeared in daily news. Many Bytom supporters could not wait to know more and particip...