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HashLand Review: Combining Intellectual Property and Hash Rate Assets

HashLand is the first decentralized synthetic asset platform that combines intellectual property and hash rate assets. By combining NFTs and hash rate assets, HashLand is reshaping the hash rate market through synthetic NFTs, laying the foundation for the S-NFT. Therefore, hash rate providers and intellectual property providers can take advantage of HashLand’s minting contract, purchase contract, and mining contract.Several decentralized infrastructures such as SWAP, POOL, CREDIT, and AUCTION ensure the liquidity of S-NFT. With HashLand Synthetic NFT, every NFT will exist forever, with infinite expansion capabilities. Any third party can access all S-NFT data, allowing community developers to build their contracts on top of it.HashLand has issued the HC token to encourage development. Users who interact on HashLand or contribute to the development receive HC tokens for their contribution.

Play To Earn GameFi

Aside from intense gameplay, every successful expedition delivers substantial HC token payouts. Gamers get incentivized to join the GameFi ecosystem through the P2E mechanism, allowing Hashland to grow.

Hash Warfare

Hash Warfare is an entirely new blockchain-based game. It makes the crypto realm accessible to hundreds of thousands of players by utilizing Defi and NFT technologies. Players may now “own” their gaming assets for the first time. Players may use their tradeable NFT cards to enjoy PVE, PVP, and even battle bosses with other guild members.

Synthetic NFT Expandability

HashLand is quite expandable. Every gaming item’s source, transaction history, and previous owners are all recorded by NFT. It has the potential to alter the way we value certain assets. The worth of assets can now be determined by who owns them or what they have done with them. For example, if the former got used by worldwide e-sports star Faker, one thing may be more valued than its equal.

Smart contracts are one of blockchain’s key features. Third-party developers, for example, can create their own game based on a Crypto Kitty game from 2017. Hence, it resulted in new elements such as fighting, trading, and even virtual reality.

HashLand also makes use of such a large number of degrees of freedom. The project may combine HashLand synthetic assets with any fundamental asset or Intellectual Properties.

HC Tokenomics

  • Symbol: HC
  • Total Supply: 21,000,000
  • Pre-Mined: 2,100,000
  • Daily Output: 7200
  • Deflation Model: 0.25 HC per Block; 7200 HC per day; 10% cut every three months, for three years. Before the official launch of GameFi, the project will burn 45% of HC production.

Breakdown Details

  • Developer Reward: 10%
  • Pre-mined: 10%
  • Community Airdrop: 2%
  • Contribution Airdrop: 3%
  • NFT Farm: 15%
  • LP Farm: 15%
  • GameFi Farm: 45%

Pros for Players, Developers, and Investors

Blockchain games are a gold mine for everyone participating in the sector.

For the player:

Asset ownership: Players will have access to all of their favorite games’ in-game items and equipment, which are typically cracked online in other sorts of fun. Players aware of asset ownership can preserve their investment, whether it is time or money.

Reward Model: DeFi’s incentive mechanism allows users to earn prizes and boost financialization using blockchain-based tokens and other assets. They may purchase, sell, and digital exchange items on the market. With HashLand’s game earning mode, gamers may take advantage of an open economy that rewards them for just playing games.

Safety: The blockchain platform offers a decentralized network and market with robust data encryption technologies, resulting in a secure backbone. It is nearly tough to break the blockchain system since the hacker must have the correct node at the right moment.

For developer:

Cooperation and partnership: Because most blockchains are consensus-based, participants and developers may interact freely, providing them with limitless options for collaboration. Overall, it is a gaming platform with a strong sense of community ownership, where players, developers, and investors may work together at any time.

Better economic flow: Decentralized project ownership benefits more than just the participants. When gamers utilize these products across several games, game makers may use the secondary market to generate fresh money flows. The transparency of the blockchain and the open-source network has had a significant impact on the sector, and participants and developers may benefit from it.

New revenue model: Blockchain technology in the game enables a more realistic economic structure, allowing publishers to focus on currency value in the game and produce a richer experience for players. They can develop novel ways to capitalize on the players’ increased readiness to pay.


  • Most of its outstanding features are yet to be launched: The NFT, GameFi, and farming features are yet to be fully functional hence its full potential is yet to be realized.

Roadmap: What is Next?

The HashLand roadmap only stretches to the end of this year, the fourth quarter. So far, the project has completed most of the phases. They concentrated on testing core functions like minting synthetic assets, trading, and lending in the second quarter. They did a contract code audit for the third quarter, began the Play to Earn model, and began the Beta test.

In the fourth quarter, they are currently working on the first batch of NFT card pre-order. They are also upgrading, crafting, farming, and developing GameFi.

Final Thoughts

The gaming business is undergoing unprecedented large-scale expansion as gamers pay increasing attention to different gaming platforms. People nowadays spend more time playing various games, thanks to a revolutionary technology that first debuted more than ten years ago.

HashLand is projected to expand further as a blockchain game ecosystem with a strategic concentration on mobile devices. Its substantial investment portfolio, which has the support of several successful venture capital firms and blockchain incubators, contributes to many initiatives. Foresight Ventures, HOT Labs, Game Mine Alliance, Waterdrip, Pluto Capital, and other capital businesses in the crypto industry are among their well-known investment partners.

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