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Haopu Raises ¥28M in Pre-A Funding to Build Permissonless Blockchain- Grid

According to Tencent TechnologyHaopu Technology, a blockchain startup in Beijing, recently announced that it has completed 28 million CNY in Pre-A round funding. Investors includes Huachuang Capital-IDG Angel Fund), DraperDragon Fund, WeXFin,Taoshi Capital , Danhua Capital and Albatross Venture .

Funds will be used for team building and the permissionless blockchain- Grid. Haopu, founded in June 2016, is a blockchain solution supplier ranging from infrastructure to industrial-specific solution. Haopu had previously provided service to Lifangtong, a third-party payment processor under the HNA Eco-Technology Group and Lianjia. The Company also worked with Suzhou Tongji Financial Technology Research Institute on building the blockchain automatic assessment center.

Haopu’s mission is to lower the mutual trust costs by integrating blockchain technology into customers’ business scenarios. The existing IT network of customer could be integrated into the blockchain network through design of network collaboration, incentive rules and blockchain features like real-time data, reliability and authenticity. The links between the organization, the enterprise, and the end user could be connected through blockchain network.


Mao Haobo, Founder and CEO of Haopu Technology

Mao Haobo, founder and CEO of Haopu:

“Although blockchain technology is entrusted by the market and developers as the new generation of technology that could revolutionize the Internet, the blockchain network of Bitcoin or Ethereum could not entertain commercial demands on scale in terms of performance, security and compatibility.”

The huge gap between current blockchain products and real commercial application is where Haopu flourish as a bottom-layer technology provider.


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