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Hangzhou Blockchain Week is Back in July 2020! See the Future Here

Hangzhou Blockchain Week is back in 2020. Join us in the largest and most influential blockchain conference and crypto event within China in July 2020 after the long lockdowns and economic slog caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

What is Hangzhou Blockchain Week

Started by China’s leading blockchain and crypto news media 8BTC since 2017, Hangzhou Blockchain Week is an annual event series that brings together the most influential industry leaders, investors, thought leaders and medias of the blockchain industry with their insightful talks about the industry.

The past events in the previous years have turned out to be great success with widespread praise from the blockchain and crypto community. Looking back, last year’s summit was a packed meeting as well as a busy blockchain festival with more than 2,000 attendees and hundreds of industry leaders delivering 21 keynote speeches and 12 panel discussions.



Pictures of Global Blockchain (Hangzhou) Forum (namely Hangzhou Blockchain Week 2019)

What to Expect This Year

And now, we have been prepared for this year’s blockchain week. Following the country’s president’s blockchain endorsement and inclusion of blockchain into the “New Construction” plan, this year’s blockchain week is themed “Embrace the New Wave”. The main event, under the guidance of local government, will be hosted by 8btc on July 5 – July 6 in Hangzhou Dream Town which is an internet venture base only 3 kilometers away from e-commerce giant Alibaba.

The event, with supports from state-backed blockchain alliance BSN and a lineup of leading blockchain organizations, will bring together a dynamic mix of entrepreneurs, investors and medias of the blockchain industry as well as the fintech space to talk about blockchain and cryptocurrency in an effort to push the innovation and evolution of the ecosystem.

“How will the market react to the multi-million dollar worth blue ocean opportunity in blockchain under the country’s “New Construction” tide, who will be the next dark horse of the crypto space, where bitcoin will go post-halving, what to expect this year from DeFi, Ethereum 2.0, Filecoin, Polkadot, Libra, NFT…” Heatedly discussed topics like these are worth looking into.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic spreading all over the world in the first half of the year, 8BTC, as the oldest and largest blockchain and crypto news media, has managed to galvanize the industry by first hosting a two-month-long online conference with coverage of some of the topics aforementioned, which had drawn nearly 1 million subscribers.

This July, we will make the blockchain week more comprehensive and international with more overseas organizations to converse with their counterparts in China, including Circle, Sigma Prime, Messari, and more established names.

What You Can Get

The event will also select and reward high-quality projects in areas including DeFi, exchanges, crypto mining… A line of side events and parties are also worth expecting…

It will be a good opportunity to learn from the most established named in the industry and your peers, find out how other corporates leverage blockchain on their innovation journey and discover the next big idea in your sector, network with blockchain and crypto professionals from all over the world…

Come join us to embrace the new industrial wave, Hangzhou Blockchain Week will gather the most prominent blockchain and crypto organizations from all around the world for two days of insightful talks in Hangzhou.

July 5-6, See the future in Hangzhou!

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