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Hackers Sell Stolen Data from Chinese Popular Apps for Bitcoin

It is reported that hackers are selling data stolen from Chinese popular apps and only bitcoin is accepted as payment.

Personal details of about 10 million users of AcFun (a Chinese video sharing website featured by allowing users to put overlaid comments onto the videos) were compromised, according to the company’s announcement posted on June 13.


the platform’s announcement

Those hacked data – account ids, encrypted passwords and cellphone numbers belonging to Acfun users are now up for sale on the deep web. Users better change their passwords right away.

People who are interested to lay their hands upon the data can do so at the cost of 1 yuan for 800 pieces. As the price posted, 0.2 bitcoin could exchange for 8,000,000 personal details of the vedio platform, and 0.49 bitcoin for a package of 14.7 million user data from 3 different platforms.


Abuse of online information has long been a major concern for public despite regulators’ crackdown. User data could be easily collected and then secretly sold, even an underground industry on it has been formed in China.

Apart from AcFun, 8btc noticed that user data of Mobike, world’s largest shared bicycle operator based in China, also seems to be compromised and sold on Deep web.


Nothing seems private or secure on the internet. Every year sees millions of user data be stolen from various platforms. With the advent of cryptocurrency, more and more hackers demand ransom or payment in bitcoin.

As a previous report by 8btc, an anonymous hacker said 99% users would fall into insecurity as hackers have turned their eye on bitcoin. It seems to be an exaggeration claim back then, while after all these attacks on crypto exchanges and now private issues, everyone should keep vigilant.


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