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Grin ASIC Miner to be Delivered in October, Hashrate is Expected to Test New High

Grin Asic Miner G 1 PLUS and G 1 MINI testing and product supply chain went smoothly. The core components of the chip and IP have been successfully manufactured. The first batch of Grin miners will be delivered in October as MiroComputer revealed.

As the G 1 PLUS miners have got three-fold the current all-network computing power order. It is estimated that Grin’s total network computing power will increase substantially from the end of October with the delivery of these miners.

At present, Grin adopts two mining algorithms include Cuckatoo 29 + and Cuckkatoo31 +, as 29 + supports graphics card (GPU) and 31 + supports ASIC. MiroComputer indicated that the computing power of Grin’s Cuckatoo 32 + algorithm will gradually increase compared with that of 31 + by January 2020. The G1 PLUS mining machine developed by Grin is compatible with C31 and C32 algorithm, and the computing power index of C32 + algorithm will be improved.

According to public information, Microcomputer was founded by the chairman of Canaan Creative, the world’s second-largest bitcoin mining machine manufacturer, and co-founder of  Bitrise Capital.

Grin is an open-source software project that boasts robust privacy features and scalability. The cryptocurrency was designed for use in payment systems, but as yet the main method for mining has been lower frequency GPU mining.


To ensure high revenue for buyers, the price and quantity of upcoming G1 PLUS will be set according to factors include GRIN’s price, the growth of total power.

By August 2020, C31 + algorithm will be replaced by C32 + algorithm as planned, and GRIN developers have decided to extend the POW application time of C32 + algorithm indefinitely. Therefore, after 2020, the computing performance of C32 + will determine the long-term benefits of miners.

To further prolong revenue time and service life, G1 PLUS upgrades the computing power of C32 + algorithm. The C32 + algorithm of G1 PLUS is close to 1/3 of C31 + computing power (higher than 30%) which will be significantly higher than the specifications published by other manufacturers (C32 + computing power is only 20% of C31 + computing power).

As for core chip technology, G1 PLUS miner adopts the mature technique of TSMC for mass production, which ensures the stable supply for G1 PLUS.

Earlier this month, cryptocurrency mining equipment manufacturers Vidtoo, Innosilicon and Obelisk were slated to be launching a new range of ASIC miners for the Grin cryptocurrency this summer.

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