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Government-oriented Blockchain Projects in China: Most Have Miscarried

Government-oriented blockchain projects are advancing slowly, and some of them even remained stalled in most places in China even blockchain industry has been intensively distributed all over the country.

Blockchain industry has been intensively distributed all over the country since China’s president Xi urged to speed up the technology adoption in 2019, and a series of planning measures have been introduced.

During the national “two sessions”, proposals, speeches, and opinions related to blockchain appeared frequently. The contents are mainly divided into three categories: promoting the integration of blockchain technology and actual scenarios, including the real industry and financial industry, the implementation of digital currency, suggestions on strengthening industry supervision, establishing norms and investment in industry development. But the reality is that in most places, blockchain projects are advancing slowly, and some of them remained stalled.

“Blockchain is indeed a good technology, but if we want to put it into practice, it is not enough to rely on enthusiasm and ideas alone but requires the sustainability of policies.”

Said Zhang Desheng, a senior blockchain scholar. Blockchain itself is a database, which means that the blockchain management platform requires enough data support to become a real database to achieve application. However, due to the lack of clear policy support from the government, Zhang Desheng’s Department encounters many problems in the process of communication with government departments and institutions.

The whole government-oriented blockchain management platform needs data involving local banks, insurance, telecommunications, public rail system, commercial platforms, employers, and local government departments. Among them, some departments are willing to provide information, while some are not willing to provide.

The success of blockchain projects is largely related to the sustainability of policies and the awareness of local government leaders on blockchain. There are more and more leaders who have a comprehensive understanding of blockchain, but due to the complexity of blockchain technology, most of them don’t really understand it. Some of them may have misunderstandings, which will inevitably affect the sustainability of policy support in the promotion of blockchain projects.

Up to now, at least 22 provinces and cities across the country have written blockchain into the 2020 government work report. Most local governments regard blockchain as the technical support for the optimization and upgrading of local industries and the new growth point of digital economy, and put forward detailed objectives for the development of local blockchain. Among them, Beijing, Guangdong, Shandong also mentioned the application scenario of local blockchain, in which e-government became a common appeal.

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