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Genaro Reached Strategic Cooperation with AWARE Capital for Jointly Layout of Distributed Storage Ecology

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Recently, Genaro Network announced a strategic cooperative partnership with AWARE Capital through investment for jointly layout of distributed storage ecology in Chinese market. The investment of AWARE Capital on Genaro Network indicates that Genaro has gained greater recognition from the traditional capital market. What is worth further expecting is that the entry of new investors will surely introduce more business cooperation resources for Genaro Network.

As the blockchain star project, since its establishment, Genaro Network has successively obtained investment from prominent investors including Fenbushi Capital and chainPE (Chain Private Equity). Genaro Network is a global blockchain ecosystem development project based in Singapore. It has pioneered the concept of Blockchain 3.0, a platform built around the first Turing-complete public chain with decentralized storage network. This means blockchain developers have a one-stop solution to deploy smart contracts and store data simultaneously. At present Genaro Network is working on the GSP plan, which makes many investors fix their eyes on it. As a strategic investor, AWARE Capital will continue to make a long-term investment on it.

Initiated by senior Internet startup investor Sun Jianbo, AWARE Capital is a pioneering domestic digital asset venture capital fund. By taking over the mission of boosting China’s Internet innovation and entrepreneurship, it is committed to assisting domestic blockchain entrepreneurs to integrate into the circle and march towards the global cryptocurrency capital market. The AWARE team is from a leading venture capital firm in China, Initial Capital, and has successfully invested in dozens of early stage tech projects with considerable returns to investors.As an intelligent investor, Sun Jianbo made major investments in new technology, new concept and new people, which achieved great success in consumption, entertainment, finance, medical service and education in the era of intelligent interconnection of universe.With the development of blockchain technology around the world, AWARE Capital has focused its attention on the blockchain industry. Currently, projects in the blockchain market are unevenly developed. After in-depth study in the blockchain industry, Sun Jianbo, founder of AWARE Capital, is quite optimistic about Genaro’s global technical competitiveness and prospects in the Chinese market. Sun Jianbo comments that as a young team in the blockchain industry, Genaro has experienced amazing growth in a very short period of time. From its product innovation, technical level, project practicability and speed of development, Genaro has always been ahead in the industry with its project of boundless prospects. Now, with its active community in the blockchain field with a long-term active population of 50,000, AWARE Capital can help Genaro with better community construction and assist Genaro to build the ecological environment based on the public chain.

Sun Jianbo says: “although the blockchain technology is still not mature enough, it will certainly become the infrastructure in the era of intelligent interconnection of universe. Radical changes will take place in the next three to five years and it is time for the overall arrangement of us as Angel Fund. Genaro, as the bottom protocol providing storage, will tremendously promote the development of the blockchain industry.

Larry Liu, leader of Genaro Network project, says: “Thanks for the support for the Genaro project fromAWARECapital. Among all blockchain products, a public chain always has much higher usability and utility than a blockchain application alone, because a public chain means the potential for a scalable ecosystem that multiple DAPPs could be built on. Also since almost all token allocations require the processes of token creation and allocation, there comes the need to make use of a blockchain to power the initial token offering.Genaro will continue to work on this project and implement it as soon as possible.”

Genaro Network and AWARE Capital are supplemented each other, which promote the development of next generation of the Internet.


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