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Fuzhou’s New City Infrastructure Plan Will Include Creating a Blockchain Demonstration Zone

In July, the southeastern Chinese city of Fuzhou officially issued an infrastructure development plan for the next two years. The plan, titled “Fuzhou City Action Plan For Promoting New Infrastructure Construction (2020-2022)”, is set to promote the implementation of a number of major projects that will act as a driving force both for economic and social development in the region. 

Earlier this week, the General Office of the Fuzhou Municipal Government and the General Office of the Municipal Party Committee issued a special notice on the action plan, which included details on 16 major projects set to be conducted in the following two years. Some of the projects, according to FZ News, including building a first-class airport and several “5G port” hubs in Fuzhou, as well as investing in AI and data centers. More than 10 different industry essential internet platforms will be cultivated under the plan, while a completely new Cangshan Industrial Smart Valley in Fuzhou will also be built. 

The city plans on strengthening the layout of innovative infrastructure by supporting research and development efforts in Binhai New City and Universit Town that focus on technological innovation and infrastructure problem-solving. 

Alongside heavy investment in digitizing the city’s economy and academia, the Municipal Government also plans on further developing blockchain technology in Fuzhou. According to a report from FZ News, the creation of a national-level “blockchain demonstration zone” should begin this year. Investing in blockchain is part of the city’s three-year promotional plan for blockchain development, which includes turning the city into an experimental zone for blockchain economy.

As part of the effort to further develop blockchain technology, the city will expand the existing Haixi high-tech industrial park and establish a digital blockchain research institute in Fuzhou. The Haixi industrial park, alongside several other tech development communities in the region, will actively support the development and growth of blockchain-based enterprises, the Fuzhou Municipal Government said in the paper. 

Companies that decide to operate in the rapidly-growing Fuzhou won’t only benefit from the welcoming atmosphere in the city—both private and government-led institutions and entities will hold seminars and conferences demonstrating how blockchain technology can be applied to key business areas, including government services, healthcare, financial technology, cold chain logistics, and e-commerce. 

The goal of Fuzhou’s heavy involvement in the development and promotion of blockchain technology is to put a hundred industries on the blockchain—this, as the government puts it, will result in thousands of companies utilizing the technology.

While most global efforts to promote blockchain technology have been aimed at companies already operating in the industry, China seems to have had incredible foresight when building its action plans. 

Namely, Fuzhou’s 2020-2022 action plan takes into consideration a wide variety of industries. The key goal of Fuzhou’s action plan is to ultimately strengthen information security in the region. By implementing unified dynamic monitoring of key new infrastructures at the city level, which include 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), industrial internet, data centers, and cloud platforms, the city will ensure safe, stable, and reliable operation of all of its businesses. 

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