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Future of A Super Intelligent Society: AI is the Brain, Blockchain is the Nervous System

The 2018 China Green Companies summit was held in Tianjin from April 22 to 24. The most popular technologies includes artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and Internet of Things (IOT) has been intensely discussed and debated during the conference.Q6mV-fznefki0784681

Wu Jun, the founder of Yuan Feng Capital, also the former vice president of Tencent and a senior researcher in Google talked about several ways these technologies could change and disrupt the world at the ‘Smart Business Time’ sub forum.

Wu has demonstrated the topic of IOT last year, and this time, blockchain and the application scenarios in the future becomes the core of his speech.

Wu Jun believes that the society is inundated with anxious today. This is because people do not know what the future looks like. Everything is in a collision but human’s brain cannot handle such complex scenes. Therefore, it requires a lot of smart tools to analyze the fast, anticipate next movement in the future social development.

Wu Jun predicted that core technologies include internet and AI are entering the fourth generation. However, it is still hard for people to manage their own data. There are many data-storage companies,control majority of data and make profit from it without paying anything to the original data owner. On the contrary, users are suffering from price discrimination when using a database. Thus, people needs a decentralized ledger to accurately and quickly handle contracts and store data.

“In previous years, we said big date was able to solve majority problems of artificial intelligence and I believe there would be a ‘super intelligence’ in the near future.”

Wu Jun demonstrated a futuristic vision of the society, a city can be seen as a super intelligent machine. Inside the machine, AI is the brain, IOT could be the senses and blockchain plays the role of the nervous system to connect these two together.

Finally, Wu Jun further discussed the relationship between blockchain and AI. He believes that AI is a kind of productivity that may increase the efficiency of production and allow us to obtain more wealth in a faster and more effective way while blockchain is a productive relationship that  may enable us to distributed our resources more wisely.

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