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Fudan Blockchain Technology Camp

The Blockchain Association (FBA), Powered by Fudan MBA successfully launched its first event of the Association by showcasing the Blockchain Technology Camp!

In the first installation of the Camp, the FBA decided to start from the principles. As the most successful application of Blockchain, the aim of the event was to let students understand Bitcoin, how it works, clear misconceptions and understand the link between Bitcoin and Blockchain.
The FBA also realised that many Bitcoin and Blockchain events always follow the same set structure of 3 or 4 lectures by experts and then a panel discussion, leaving little room for discussion, engagement and exchange of views.
So the FBA added a twist; instead of having a series of lectures, they invited Deloitte as the sole keynote who would give a lecture, and following the keynote, the students would be split into groups. Each group would have a designated Bitcoin expert so that students can directly engage with an expert, where they were encouraged to exchange views, ask questions and challenge the experts. Not only was this done in English, but also there was a Chinese room too that had the same layout and ran at the same time in order to cater for the Chinese speaking students. In total there were 10 experts who directly exchanged with the 100 students who attended.




In the English speaking room the experts were: John Scianna (QTUM), Zoe Li (Deloitte), Chris Zhou (BTC Media), Philippe Thueneissen (PostCapitalism.Today), Yannick Losbar (Coinziy) and Darren Camas (Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK))

In the Chinese speaking room the experts were: Eric Gu (Viewfin), Arnold Gao (Deloitte), Jack Zhang (Viewfin) and Patrick Dai (QTUM).
Both rooms started with an introduction to the FBA. In the English speaking room Mohammed Semega and Oliver Truquet, both students at Fudan University, introduced the FBA whilst Andy Chen, MBA candidate, introduced the FBA in the Chinese room.

Deloitte impressed the audience with a very unique, stylish and very insightful presentation about Bitcoin’s origins, its history, how it works, regulations currently in place (particularly in China) and also cleared many misconceptions about the oldest yet still very nascent cryptocurrency. It neatly laid the foundations for the students whom would be able to get even more clarity into Bitcoin and its underpinnings during the group discussions.



As the keynote by Deloitte finished in both rooms, both rooms erupted in full discussion with the experts going into more detail into Bitcoin that stimulated even more questions from the students. Each expert had 7-15 students, allowing for a very engaging and interactive sessio that saw each expert explain Bitcoin in their own unique ways to their groups. Discussions evolved from what is Bitcoin, to mining and to different applications of Blockchain which had a greater and deeper impact in the students’ ability to grasp and take away these major concepts of this new technology.



After an hour of group discussions, students and experts from both rooms were invited to network together in the huge lobby of the School of Management building. The FBA had another trick up their sleeve and thanks to their collaborator Viewfin (a local Blockchain start-up) whom sponsored over 100 红包 (red packets) which contained a voucher with a set amount of money that can be used on a Chinese exchange to buy different types of cryptocurrency. Taken as an inspiration from the Bitcoin Airdrop by the Blockchain Education Network, the FBA adapted to local custom traditions by issuing 红包 and threw them from the second floor down to the networking floor which created buzz, excitement and truly an airdrop feel.


Whilst the experts come from completely different fields within the Blockchain space and have differing views, they were all united under the theme of giving back to students to engage directly with them.
The FBA thanks all the attendees for participating, the guest experts for giving their time for the students, Viewfin, PISA and the Fudan MBA for being key collaborators and above all the FBA team for truly creating an impact on campus and a unique interactive event.

Video coming soon!

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