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Fresh Ranking Lists for Blockchain Projects, Tokens, Miners and Ming Pools in January 2019

As the use of blockchain technology in the financial services industry continues to grow in 2019, blockchain-based data services are getting more mature.

QKL123, a professional data service platform that provides blockchain data terminal, is aiming to promote the financial process of blockchain data through the Business Artificial Intelligence (BAI) business model, which transforms the traditional BI (business intelligence) to AI (artificial intelligence).

This comprehensive blockchain industrial portal web includes blockchain web guide, cryptocurrency price analysis, and blockchain data services. As blockchain technology and token economy are developing at a rapid speed, an integrated industrial chain has been formed. More and more blockchain projects pop up on the market and it is hard for crypto investors to distinguish good projects from the bad ones.

In January, QKL123 launched a series of blockchain ranking lists among the general blockchain, blockchain token, crypto exchange, mining pool, and mining machine. These rankings may provide crypto investors a brief idea of the industry.

According to QKL123 token ranking list, the top 10 tokens for January 2019 based on the market cap are BTC, XRP, ETH, USDT, EOS, BCH, LTC, TRX, XLM, and BSV. According to QKL123’s data, the circulating market supply of BTC still accounts for more than 50% of the entire market cap, followed by XRP and ETH, both of which account for around 10% of the crypto market cap respectively. 201901290928507253

QKL123 also listed the most profitable crypto miners and BTC miners. Obelisk SC1 miner ranks the first according to the token price, hash rate, as well as the electricity cost. The Obelisk SC1 miner supports Siacoin mining, provides miners a currency monthly net profit of 2469.04 RMB ($368.5).201901290929179449

For the BTC miners, the Whatsminer M10 has the shortest payback period.


The mining pools have also been evaluated. The Antpool gets the highest comprehensive score, followed by F2POOL. Antpool provides mining services of a series of tokens including BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, ZEC, DASH, SCC, XMC, and BTM. While F2POOL currently supports more than 30 Token mining services.


QKL123 is about to launch various blockchains every week and every month, including but not limited to blockchain projects, mining pools, miners, industrial media, and digital wallet. The data is updated on a daily basis which is helpful for crypto investors to follow the market trend.

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