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Foshan launch blockchain community corrections platform

14 May Foshan-According to the official weibo of Foshan government, the Chancheng District of Foshan City announced that Chancheng has implemented the nation’s first “blockchain + community corrections” project. The platform breaks the data barriers between relevant departments such as the Judicial Bureau, courts and prosecutors, and has achieved data sharing in community corrections.


On May 11th, Chancheng District released the first “blockchain+community correction” project in the country. By creating a blockchain-based platform, the authority aims to increase efficiency for social corrections. Correction officials can acquire subject’s information and daily behavior through the platform’s query function. The system will monitor the personnel’s data in real time. Any data anomalies will trigger the alarm and relevant officials will be alerted in real time.

The blockchain application will access the personal value with the social credit system from multiple dimensions. By recording credit on blockchain, the corrective personnel will be made aware to regulate their own behavior. Low-credit personnel will be affected in future travel, loaning, employment and other aspects and these credit data will accompany them throughout their life.

According to the report, the design and development of the project’s prototype has been completed. The second phase, the credit evaluation system, will be completed by the end of this year.


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    Chinese city Foshan launch #blockchain community corrections platform, breaking the data barriers between relevant departments …

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