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First HashCon 2020 & New Infrastructure Mining Summit Come to Chengdu this August

Chengdu, the world’s bitcoin mining capital, is about to host a brand new mega mining conference – the HashCon 2020 & New Infrastructure Mining Summit in the upcoming August.


The summit, an update of the New Era Mining Summit, will be held jointly by inbtc (Bitcoin mining machine maintenance service provider started by leading mining pool Poolin cofounder Zhu Fa), 8BTC (China’s oldest and most influential crypto and blockchain media), and ChainNode (China’s largest and foremost bitcoin forum).

The New Infrastructure Mining Summit will focus on delivering the latest industry hotspots, industry insight, high-class networking, and knowledge exchange on cryptocurrency mining. It is now inviting mining rig producers, mining farm managers, miners, entrepreneurs, and fellow enthusiasts to meet up in Chengdu.

Why Chengdu?

Chengdu is the capital city of Sichuan province which has been establishing itself as a global bitcoin mining capital since 2017, mostly due to its cheap hydroelectricity, low population density and cold climate.

Over the past months ahead of the summer rainy season, some local governments in Sichuan have publicly encouraged the mining industry to help consume excessive hydroelectricity and announced a list of hydropower consumption demonstration enterprises.

It has positive significance for the legalization of bitcoin mining in China where crypto mining operations were previously disfavored by the country’s authorities.

Most of the country’s crypto miners are currently taking advantage of the cheap and abundant hydropower in Sichuan, it is good timing to bring miners together there. As the foremost crypto and blockchain media, 8BTC is obliged to push the industry to move forward in a professional approach by providing effective networking for these industry players and bridging mining operations and local governments.

Why August?

In the just-concluded Hangzhou Blockchain Week which welcomed thousands of politicians, developers, traders, miners, speculators and DeFi’ers there, crypto mining is one of the much talked about topics.

At the conference, Filecoin and IPFS mining rig producers are everywhere. The craze for filecoin mining keeps surging as its mainnet launch date draws near. In the past few years, nearly 500 Filecoin mining rig producers have reportedly emerged in China, with cumulative input costs of over 10 billion yuan.

When the filecoin mainnet goes online, expected to occur in August, will we see a huge success or a bubble busted? The HashCon 2020 will showcase miners’ opinions.

Why an iteration?

It is notable that the HashCon 2020 & New Infrastructure Mining Summit, which used to be the New Era Mining Summit, has updated its theme to “New Infrastructure”. This April, blockchain has been officially included in China’s “New Infrastructure” plan together with other emerging technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT).

Zhu Fa, cofounder of leading crypto mining pool Poolin and currently the head of Inbtc – the co-organizer of this mining summit, believes that the trillions of dollar worth New Infrastructure plan will definitely bring huge capital into the blockchain industry and the mining sector.

This mining summit will absolutely be a wonderful opportunity to network, learn about the latest developments in the industry and be inspired by blockchain luminaries.

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