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Fan Xiaojun: 5,000 B3 Miner Available In May

On the afternoon of April 27th, the 2018 Blockchain + Artificial Intelligence summit forum with the theme of “Block Intelligence ” jointly organized by 8btc, Bytom and Bitmain, was held in Hangzhou. Industrial leaders offered in-depth insights on topics around block-chain consensus algorithms, artificial intelligence, AI-driven blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies.


Fan Xiaojun, Sales Director of Antminer

In this forum, Changjia, founder of Bytom, and Micree Zhan, CEO of Bitmain, jointly announced that the “Bytom & Bitmain AI Labs” was formally established. Meanwhile, Bytom signed cooperation contract with 8 wallet service provider: Kushen, imToken, Bitpie, Bixin, Kcash, Cobo, Bepal, Hufu and 9 mining pools: Ant pool, F2pool, BTCC, Spider pool, UUPOOL, Xiamen pool, Poolin, 91POOL and Viabtc.

Fan Xiaojun, Head of Bitmain Miner Sales, introduced B3 and Antbox.

Assuming that this batch of 5,000 miners are all up and running, one unit can generate 47-48 tokens a day, which is 285 yuan at current price of 6 yuan. With 360W rated power, the daily power cost is a bit over 4 CNY, which could be basically ignored. Its daily net income is also more than 280 yuan. The second batch, 5000 units, B3 Bytom miner will be available after 1 May, following limited sales of one unit per user.
The limitation is easy to understand. First is to help more people to own Bytom miners. Secondly, the decentralized distribution of miners help prevent 51% attack. Fan Xiaojun also introduced the Antpool would provide a 3-month free service for mining Bytom.

Aside from the miner, Antbox, the mobile miner set, was also promoted. Fan said the 3-ton Antbox was very particular in terms of materials, structure, and design and could be deployed in 15 days after placing order.


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