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F2Pool Under a Wave of DDOS Attacks


F2POOLF2Pool, the world’s second largest bitcoin mining pool, has been hit by large distributed denial-of-service(DDOS) attacks in recent days.

According to Mao Shixing, creator of F2Pool, the attacks first appeared on July 14.

“We are being DDoS’d in a hostile manner. Our technicians have been working on it all night. They swiftly updated the pool server to push the huge amount of networks that botnets request and deployed multiple defense mechanisms in light of attacks.”

A lot has been going on as we are moving closer to August 1. Could the DDOS threats have anything to do with F2Pool’s supporting SegWit2X?

On July 16 F2Pool announced that these were deliberate and vicious attempts to make the pool inaccessible.

“We have reported the incidents to Beijing Police and we have locked in on a number of suspects based on gathered evidence.”

F2Pool says that they are working with police to collect more evidence and make criminals pay.

As DDOS attacks continue to surge in number, F2Pool warns miners to alter DNS server addresses to and, set up their miners to backup-eth.f2pool and The current etc mining address is still available in a short period, but they suggest miners switch to and set up a backup pool to


  • BitcoinAllBot
    5 years ago BitcoinAllBot

    Here is the link to the original comment thread. Or you can comment here to start a discussion. Author: Ethics23

  • christophe_biocca
    5 years ago christophe_biocca

    I cannot access the link for some reason? Is 8btc hosted on f2pool servers?

  • albinopotato
    5 years ago albinopotato

    Perhaps if Wang Chung wasn’t such a troll/joker these things wouldn’t happen?

  • tl121
    5 years ago tl121

    He is getting his just deserts, never mind the source. If he hadn’t been such a wimp we would already have had large blocks.

  • jtoomim
    5 years ago jtoomim

    Think horses, not zebras. Pools get DDoSed by extortionists all the time. It’s usually because someone wants money, not because someone has political motivations.

    Politically motivated DDoS attacks happen too, of course, but I don’t see why F2pool would be targeted for political reasons instead of the other 75% of the hashrate that’s voting for Segwit2x. In the absence of a specific sign of political goals, I think the best explanation is simple extortion.

  • lukmeg
    5 years ago lukmeg

    Maybe because the f2pool guy has proven to be the weakest link and a guy that falls to pressure.

    It can be anything, it could be extortion. But if you have to chose one of the segwit2x pools to attack, f2pool is the obvious choice to attack first because the guy in charge has proven to be bendable before.

  • clone4501
    5 years ago clone4501

    Expect the same thing to happen to any pool supporting Bitcoin ABC on August 1st. The nodes will probably be attacked as well.

  • saddit42
    5 years ago saddit42

    He will go into the history books as bitcoins biggest sissy.

  • paleh0rse
    5 years ago paleh0rse

    Yes, but popcorn sales are through the roof!

    That’s what’s important here.

  • bitcoin1989
    5 years ago bitcoin1989

    Yeh, it’s quite obvious this has nothing to do with Segwit2x. Is this a new agenda we are seeing?

  • thcymos
    5 years ago thcymos

    It’s usually because someone wants money

    Well, how else is Blockstream supposed to pay their employees at the end of the month? 😉

  • Adrian-X
    5 years ago Adrian-X

    buy more BTC you can sell all chains.

  • 8btccom
    5 years ago 8btccom

    Our website was attacked after we posted this article…All Clear~

  • cccmikey
    5 years ago cccmikey

    Can they run behind cloudflare?

  • Ethics23
    5 years ago Ethics23

    Miners in China rare receiving emails saying F2Pool is attacked coz they “steal” shares from miners.

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