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Executives of 17 Digital Asset Exchanges In Shanghai Are Asked Not to Leave China

According to the the Internet financial Risk Rectification Work Group of Shanghai, currently 90% of the ICO projects have completed refunding procedure. Executives of 17 related exchanges are asked to stay in Shanghai to assist refunding work. Previously., the authority has asked related exchanges to issue notice and shut down trading before 30 September. Some exchanges, like BTC38, are operating until the end of October. The “ICO Ban” is devastating to Bitcoin ecosystem in China as exchanges are one of the most important link and provides much needed funding to all elements in the circle.


The “ICO Ban” is straightforward and leaves no exemptions. Bitcoiners are worried that it might render the existence of bitcoin mining farm illegal in China, which will undermine the very bedrock of the network security as 70% of the hashrate are believed to be located in China. So far there is no physical evidence that bitcoin mining would be banned in China.

Update from local media show that there are 17  exchanges based in Shanghai and executives are asked to not to leave the border of China. The 17 exchanges are:

“BTCChina, Binance, Szzc, Lhang, Etcwin,Bitequang, 51szzc, Hanbiwang,Btcb, 19800, FreeWillex,ICOAGE,91ICO,ICOrace,ICOfox,ICORaise,ICO17.”

Aside from BTCC, other exchanges mentioned above are newly emerged and somehow connected to ICO either as a ICO platform and as an exchange. Most of the exchanges have announced trading closure except Binance, which has been listing new assets on its exchange continuously after it banned visitors with Chinese IP address. There are voices in the community that the greed of ICO operators has ruined the industry and the ecosystem.  Bitcoin exchange could have survived the regulatory ban if it were not for the scammy ICOs  in the market.
Since the “ICO Ban” issued by the authority on 4 September, the “Big Three” Bitcoin exchanges announced CNY trading suspension by 15 September, the deadline given by authority. Every move of the exchanges are closely watched, OKCoin posted a weibo about the company’s new office  to clarify rumors that the exchange has fled.


OKCoin moved to new office on 22 Sep (source:weibo)

Actually, domestic exchanges are exploring living space outside mainland China. A post on 8btc forum points to some exchanges that are allegedly the descendants of some Chinese exchanges. However, such effort may be futile as established exchanges abroad provide better user experience and more liquidity.


  • BitcoinAllBot
    6 years ago BitcoinAllBot

    Here is the link to the original comment thread. Or you can comment here to start a discussion. Author: 8btccom

  • Fuyuki_Wataru
    6 years ago Fuyuki_Wataru

    Has it begun?

    Its like their being treated like criminals. Not allowed to leave China etc. I can understand though, but damn these measures are harsh. Will we see a harder tone in the short future or not?

  • Red Li
    6 years ago Red Li

    Executives of 17 Digital Asset Exchanges In Shanghai Are Asked Not to Leave China | http://NEWS.8BTC.COM …

  • iamtomorrowman
    6 years ago iamtomorrowman

    “nothing to see here folks, don’t go anywhere. you’ll be up and running shortly.”

    “Johnson! Do we have the maze set up for these BitCoin profiteers?”

    “Sir yes sir! The People’s Maze is ready for use! Lt. Smith and I just finished lining the walls with polonium!”

    “Okay. C-suite first. Get to it!”

  • Dotabjj
    6 years ago Dotabjj

    It’s china.

  • jimythetulip
    6 years ago jimythetulip

    My conspiracy theory on these events is that the Chinese government is going to attempt to absorb these operations by negotiating deals with these companies and miners to buy them out. Obviously I have zero evidence to support this claim but it’s interesting to think about.

  • SnapshillBot
    6 years ago SnapshillBot

    I transferred my wifes saving at $297 what a disaster


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  • AnythingForSuccess
    6 years ago AnythingForSuccess

    Oh, that is ok guys. Chinese will just use , right guys,,,,rite??? It will all be ok!???

  • _per_aspera_ad_astra
    6 years ago _per_aspera_ad_astra


  • Ξ888Ξ
    6 years ago Ξ888Ξ

    The streets claim to know that #ChinaBan #FUD is over. Not so sure about that – #Bitcoin #ICO – …

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