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ETH Or ETC? Battle To Dominate Asia Is On

The struggle underlying the division between the Ethereum and the Ethereum Classic networks seems to have shifted to the Asian market. After Bitcoin and Litecoin, a traditional China-linked cryptocurrency, Ether (ETH) and ETC are currently the two most recognised altcoins in parts of Asia, especially China, where they seek to capture more share of the market. However, going by recent trends, it is unclear which among both of them will gain a upper hand in the long term.

As at April 30, the price of Ethereum Classic on South Korea’s biggest exchange Coin One showed it has increased with trade volume soaring to as high as 1.5 million – a 10x increase resulting in the rise of its price to slightly over $6 – giving its proponents a reason to think ETC is a better choice than Ethereum at the point.
Though these are based on some of the recent moves that have worked out well for ETC, ETH has risen on the other hand too in terms of price – over $80 – even as activities related to the second most biggest cryptocurrency by capitalization seems to be increasing in China.

etceth asia

Ethereum Classic
The first-ever private fund that invests in Ethereum Classic with $10 million in seed capital was launched by the U.S. investment management company, Grayscale Investments LLC and ETC also recently capped its supply at 210 million units which makes it infinite and easier to value as the market evolves further.
At a market capitalization currently standing at around $600 million making it the sixth largest digital currency in the market according to CoinMarketCap and a five ETC per block and a 20% decrease (The Tithing) in block reward at every 5 million blocks until the cap is reached, it didn’t come as a surprise that interest in ETC grew at the news of the launch of Grayscale’s fund.
Also looking at it from a general perspective of those who trade in digital currencies, the belief that Bitcoin will always grow with time but altcoins will always grow faster in percentage applies to an extent. At a meagre $6, ETC has room for growth which is considered higher at the time going by the buzz around.
Though some in the industry still think ETC needs to find a legit use case or a value proposition other than the professed immutability to sustain its growth, Grayscale in its introductory paper describes Ethereum Classic as a “next generation blockchain platform for a new internet infrastructure – one that can dramatically enhance the ways that information and value are shared in the digital economy, unlocking trillions of dollars in untapped economic surplus in the process.” If this turns out good, it would mean that others who view ETC as an undervalued coin with strong fundamentals that is just starting to find its true value would take the day.

ETC has since risen to be the third most traded cryptocurrency just behind Ethereum and Bitcoin. However, it is still behind ETH on the market stand. Ethereum has been working its way inside out of Asia’s largest market, China, to other countries like Taiwan and India which is organizing its first ever international blockchain hackathon later this month in collaboration with the Ethereum Foundation.
Following an increased interest in the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, some Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges including OKCoin have expressed the plan to integrate support for ETH trading on their platforms. If and when that happens, there is likely to be a competition over Ethereum in both the Chinese and South Korean markets which could spark a boom for ETH price.
Some meetups have also been held in parts of China in April where relevant discussions about Ethereum and its EEA were tabled. Put together with China’s interest in blockchain and the plethora of big corporations that are already looking into the technology in the country, the Ethereum platform could seize the opportunity to spread through the Asia region as a perfect growing ground.
While Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin speaks Mandarin which could appeal to a wide audience, Ethereum Classic has major Chinese investors such as Chandler Guo behind it.


  • adanufgail
    6 years ago adanufgail

    I think it’s this: ETH is corporate, and will sooner or later be sold to big banks. ETC is free and following the actual plans that made ETH big.

  • nootnewb
    6 years ago nootnewb

    lol, as if it’s even a valid question.

  • Marine4lyfe
    6 years ago Marine4lyfe

    Sir..that battle has been decided.

  • happyyellowball
    6 years ago happyyellowball

    what battle? what’s etc?

  • shualingfa
    6 years ago shualingfa

    以太坊(Ethereum)与以太坊经典(Ethereum Classic)网络之间的底层斗争似乎已经转移到亚洲市场。继比特币和莱特币和之后,ETH和ETC目前已经成为亚洲最知名的两种竞争币,尤其是在中国,中国市场参与者试图夺得更多的市场份额。然而,经过最近的趋势,目前尚不清楚,它们二者将占领长期的上风。在4月30日,ETC在韩国最大的交易所Coin One显示其价格已经上涨,而交易量飙升至高达150万-——增长了近10倍,这导致ETC价格已经略微超过6美元。给它的支持者一个理由认为在这一点上ETC比ETH是一个更好的选择。虽然这些都是基于最近ETC制定的一些举措,而另一方面ETH也同样上演飙涨,目前已经超过80美元——ETH这种目前市值排名仅次于比特币的加密货币的交易活动似乎在中国也非常频繁。 Ethereum Classic Grayscale Investments最近正式上线了规模为1000万美元的史上第一种投资ETC的私人基金。 ETC最近还将供应数量上限定在2.1亿,这使其具有有限性并且随着市场的进一步发展更容易评估。CoinMarketCap数据显示ETC目前的市值约为6亿美元,使其位居第六位。每个区块可获得5BTC奖励,并且按照每500万区块,奖励降低20%,直到达到2.1亿上限。所以当这个基金成立之后,ETC出现上涨也就没什么好惊讶的了。从那些数字货币交易者的一般角度来讲,那种相信比特币随着时间会不断上涨而竞争币按照比例增长更快的想法在一定程度上是正确的。在ETC只有这微薄的6美元时,它仍有上涨空间。尽管一些业内人士仍然认为ETC需要找到一个正统的使用案例或价值主张来维持其价格增长,而不是老是使用“区块链不可更改性”这个借口。Grayscale在其介绍书中将ETC描述为“一种新互联网基础设施的下一代区块链平台”——一种可以极大地提高数字经济中信息和价值共享的方式,在这个过程中解锁数万亿美元的未开发的经济盈余。” 如果这被证明是好的,这将意味着其他人认为ETC被低估的人早晚会找到ETC的价值。 Ethereum ETC交易量如今已经位居第三位,仅次于比特币和ETH。在市场上它依然居于ETH之后。以太坊一直在努力走出其亚洲最大的市场中国,走向台湾和印度等其它国家,印度正在与以太坊基金会一起组织第一届国际区块链黑客马拉松。随着企业以太坊联盟(EEA)越来越受到关注,一些中国的加密货币交易所,包括OKCoin表示该计划将支持ETH交易。如果出现这种情况,这可能会引起中国与韩国争夺ETH市场,那么必将再次推动ETH上涨。中国部分地区在4月也举行了一些关于以太坊和EEA的会面。加上中国对区块链技术的兴趣以及众多大型企业的参与,以太坊平台也许可以抓住机遇,将亚洲作为一个实现完美发展的基地。虽然以太坊创始人Vitalik Buterin说普通话可以吸引很多关注,不过ETC背后有着重要的中国投资者,包括郭宏才。原文:作者:Olusegun Ogundeji译者:lgx

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    我还是 欣赏eth 毕竟还是原来的人马

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    ETH Or ETC? Battle To Dominate Asia Is On | http://NEWS.8BTC.COM …

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