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ETCWin received around 1m ETC funding ICO close on 23rd Nov

Since ETCWin started ICO on Bizhongchou(crowdfunding site) on 17th Oct, 933,500 ETC has been received, a 116.69% gain over the target of 800,000 ETC. The 45-day ICO will close on 12pm 23rd Nov(Beijing Time:GMT+8).


The successful funding is not easy.

Anne,ETCWin CMO, said:

“It’s the combined effort of brand-building, sound marketing, teamwork and the vision of the project itself. Since the beginning of ICO, ETCWin has introduced new business models and perspectives to the industry, which brings awareness of the intrinsic value of ETC and also an indication of relentless effort of ETCWin.”


Anne CMO of ETCWin and Meicy, Co-Founder of ETCWin

Earlier last week, the ETC community has settled down its monetary policy with expansion of development, analysis and support work. ETCWin team members have been updated with new assignments. Office has been renewed and business development underway. One key thing is to recruit more developers.

“As the key step towards building a healthy ETCWin ecosystem, the ETCWin exchange is under heavy development. We are looking for talented minds around the world to push the whold industry forward. ”

Speaking of the future of ETC, the team expressed their strong confidence:

We have been actively engaged in the cooperation with BitMEX. Implementation in other areas will be disclosed shortly. ETCWin Exchange is the first ETC application on a global scale. With the participation of stakeholders, we will take the lead in changing the digital exchange and share the business benefits generated through ETCWin.

Chinese Report here.

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