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ETC U.S. Director Anthony: Without Decentralization, the Blockchain Would Not Be a Blockchain

Anthony Lusardi, U.S. director at ETC, has been committed to the management and operation of its community since its inception. Currently busy planning the ETC Summit in September, he’s redesigning the ETC website and seeking more investment for the ETC ecosystem.

Anthony made an early foray into blockchain and cryptos in 2014. He was a big fan of ETH before the DAO hack. After the hard fork, known as ETC, he turns to ETC which adheres to blockchain’s tamper-proof feature, and works actively for the community operation and decentralization course. As he says, “Without decentralization, the blockchain would not be a blockchain.”


We (8btc News) recently interviewed Anthony and Xu Kang, director of ETC China.

Below is the briefed conversation between 8btc and Anthony:

8btc: Coinbase said it would list ETC, since then the price of ETC has risen a lot, so what the ETC  community have done in this process?

As far as Coinbase made the decision to list ETC, our community do not have much involvement in it, they made the decision pretty much internal. Why Coinbase wants to list ETC – As a smart contract blockchain, ETC has a long history and cooperation, many other platforms have relative short history, this is one of the main reasons. We have active and passion communtiy, we have a lot people within the community simply interested in ETC, we have a lot of developers and other businesses working on ETC, so for example, we have myself, ETC Corporative, ETC Labs, we have ETCDEV team, we also have IOHK.

8btc: After the fork of Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC), why you chose ETC which had less support?

I don’t think ETC have actually less support after the fork. I think the community before its split, when have discussed with people, seems fairly and evenly be divided. I think people chose to go with Ethereum Foundation and reverse the DAO, not necessarily because they all agree, because it is the easier path, so a lot of people when face that issue, if people charge the money go this way, they will go this way, even they disagree, because it is an easier way than starting a new chain, because the Ethereum fork  the  chain, ETC do not have Ethereum website, the group does not have the money from the ICO and Ethereum Foundation, that seems wise people did not go with ETC, even if they actually believe ETC choice is better.

8btc: In the 2018 Roadmap, it proposed to create a platform for developers to develop DApps, so what is the progress so far?

As far as the platform goes, it is very similar to Ethereum, there is some very minor technical difference ETCDEV team currently are addressing. But as far as actually using ETC to develop is  just as ETH. For a longer term, ETCDEV is working on projects which is going to be easy for developers to create tools, because programming on blockchain is very hard, like programming in 90s, ETCDEV works very hard to improve it.

8btc: ETC Incubator platform “Ethereum Classic Labs” raised 50 million from DCG, has this made any progress?

Anthony: They are currently working on recruiting different projects developed on ETC blockchain.

Xu: ETC labs is expected to launch in the near future, we are recruiting staffs and projects. We may announce some big news very soon, now it is still confidential.

8btc: I heard the reason investments go to ETC is because its prospect in IOT, what ETC has done in IOT field?

IOT is also a large focus of ETCDEV. They have developed SpitnikVM, you could execute on the blockchain itself and off the blockchain; so you want device, you can run on it, this is the work they have done so far. A lot of work you want blockchain to do don’t need to be done onchain. If any body want to do all the work on blockchain, then the blockchain will become very slow and expensive to use. So they are making sidechain, that will enable IoT by allowing people to do majority of transactions and calculation offchain and sidechain, run by a third party they trust and then when they need things completely trustless, they can use the mainchain to either keep track of what data are going on the sidechain, or move transactions back from the sidechain to the mainchain, this is how the IoT in general works on ETC.

8btc: The crypto community talks a lot about EOS, do you think it will become a competitor?

No, I do not know. I mean, centralized systems like PayPal and Alipay seem working great, EOS is a very centralized system with 21 CEOs who have different opinions about how it works.  So I do not think EOS can compete with any decentralized blockchain, I don’t think EOS has much relevant with what blockchain was trying to do. One thing blockchain gives us is decentralization, without that, it is not a blockchain.

8btc: Vitalik Buterin once retweeted a news that appeal ETH and ETC cooperation, do you think ETH and ETC will cooperate in the future?

Absolutely, we’re cooperating with different ETH teams and start to cooperate with ETH foundation in some ways, namely, we are starting to come to each others’ conference. We’ll have some people from ETH to attend the ETC Summit in September.

Technically, we are working on in couple different ways. For example a ETH-based Kyper Network, they have way to move from ETH chain onto ETC chain, or from ETC chain onto ETH chain, it is rather primary and needs improvement, but we are working on it.

8btc: EOS’s governance problem has been criticized recently, so what do you think about blockchain governance?

I think all blockchains have governance, even bitcoin. I just do not think blockchain can benefit from very active governance. Such as bitcoin, in 2011, I think, had a major exploit where somebody build billion of bitcoins one night, the community comes to a quick consensus – 21 million supply limit should exist. They don’t want 10 billion so they hard forked it, and the chain was just dropped off. So right there, this is the example of governance, it absolute works, the same to ETC, you know you don’t believe that the DAO chain should be done, or you don’t have authority to do it, so governance works there and ETC is created.  And ETC had 3 hard forks since then, but no one create another chain. In that way, I think all blockchain naturally have governance, but the type of governance that people mean when people say governance, is very active, I don’t agree with it. EOS now, titans want to get high involvement in its governance, but what blockchain should be is everybody comes to decide whether it is a good decision.


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