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Eros announces decentralized “Uber of Sex”, launches ICO

This is a paid press release. The publication of PR should not be viewed as an endorsement by 8btc. Viewers should do their own due diligence research before investing in any projects.
California-based Eros announced the future release of the first decentralized marketplace tailored for sexual transactions.


Coming up with an entirely fresh take on world’s oldest profession, the platform expects to be the “SilkRoad of Sex”, in reference to the famous marketplace that introduced online shopping for items that were until then confined to the street, narcotics.

Customers will be able to book an escort in a few minutes, compare prices and offerings, and interact in a totally digital fashion up, including Uber-like escort tracking. More notably, the platform combines two technologies (Zeronet as well as Ethereum) in order to offer a censorship-proof platform that can be visited from virtually any country in the world.

Authorities crackdowns were, up to this date, a common issue that centralized platforms operating in this controversial industry used to experience. Eros claims 100% censorship resistance, similarly than ZeroNet-based PopcornTime for the filesharing community, which proved to be a much-welcomed initiative when the original, centralized version was shut down by law enforcement authorities.

A reputation system based on reviews aggregation, inspired from the work of MIT scholars called Beaver, will also ensure optimal transparency for all parties involved, in an Amazon-like fashion. Michael O’Brien, the founder of the company, indeed argues that

“The lack of transparency – and trust- was one of the biggest drawbacks of this somehow particular yet extremely common activity that prostitution is. By adding transparency and removing girls from the street, we believe that we’ll have a considerable positive social impact while satisfying the sexual needs of millions of people over the world.”

He added: “A recent Newsweek study showed that on a worldwide scale, the percentage of men who ever bought sex ranges from 16 to 80% depending on the country. All ages, races, religions, and backgrounds do it. Rich men do it, and poor men do it.”

To fund development as well as marketing expenses, an ICO recently started on July 10, and the team plans to raise US$5M thanks to the event. The tokens will be associated with various incentives on the platform from booking rebates to dividends, and it’s safe to assume that the tokens are likely to encounter a positive reception upon release on exchanges.

“We’re the first Ethereum dApp to solve a mass market problem. The team is working really hard to meet the deadlines and is super excited about the mission, so I’m totally confident that investors and markets will do too.” Eros’ CEO concluded.

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