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Equitybase, a Decentralized Real Estate Exchange, to Launch Pre-ICO on February 28, 2018

Equitybase, a Hong Kong-based hybrid market real estate exchange built on blockchain technology, this week announced they will be launching their pre-Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for the BASE Token on February 28, 2018. The BASE Token will be the new standard of CryptoFund based on the blockchain system.

Known as a decentralized end-to-end commercial real estate ecosystem for project assessment, credit valuation, and liquidity events built entirely on blockchain technology, Equitybase is providing developers with the ability to offer asset-backed investment opportunities directly to investors around the world.
“The use of blockchain and smart contract technology in the field of real estate has the potential to completely revolutionize the sector, giving it direct access to real estate investments around the world,” said Morgan Chan Founder and CEO of Equitybase. “Additionally, it will lower barriers to entry while increasingly market liquidity, which we typically see in public markets.”
Through the hybrid market platform, users will be able to invest for economic rights of property, represented each individual Real Estate Offering (REO) within Equitybase’s Equity Invest platform. Each REO will be backed by a physical real estate asset. Investors will also be able to trade or liquidate their real estate investment at the Equity Exchange platform.
“We’re doing something totally unique here: we’re combining the liquidity of public markets with the higher rate of return from private markets utilizing blockchain technologies to make it happen,” said Morgan Chan “We’ve created an entirely new way to invest with the BASE Token. Blockchain is undoubtedly the way of the future, and we’re proud to be integrating it into the real estate industry today.”
Users will be able to use their BASE Tokens without any hidden fees. The end-to-end encryption structure will make investments simple and transparent, removing the uncertainties that usually result from real estate investment portfolio building.
Passionate about diversifying investments, Equitybase will offer a variety of products through their platform, including debt, preferred equity, and common equity.
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