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eGame Now Has Its Free Trial Version Released

eGame unveiled its long-awaited first free trial version on August 9th.They realize their concept of E-sports 2.0 on their website “E-Sports.Games”.

What is eGame?

eGame realizes the evolution of gaming by using the power of blockchain technology. Their mission is creating a real engagement between eSports players and fans, like never before. On the eGame Platform, users can create communities, provide insight, create fantasy tournaments, engage in safe betting, and sponsor the growth of up-and-coming players all over the world.

You can check the Promotion Video about eGame on YouTube from here.


Concept of E-sports 2.0

The website E-Sports.Games realizes the concept of esports 2.0 where anyone can play any role required for an esports event. You can be a host of an esports event with just a smartphone.

Prize Distribution Platform

eGame designed their system to make it easy for anyone to win a prize for each game play because they believe that prize is the key factor for bringing excitement to games and events.

You can participate in the e-sports 2.0 events by following their instructions on the website E-Sports.Games.

How to enjoy the trial version:

1.Go to the SIGNUP page and LOGIN to your account.

First you can create an account with your email address, from the SIGN UP button on the TOP page. You need to validate your email address and set your password. Then you can LOGIN to your page.

<Introduction Video: How to SIGNUP and LOGIN>


2.Go to Game page

After you created your account, you can start playing with other players through the games integrated with the platform. You can find the list of games in the game list page.


3.Go to Event page

You can join game events and even create your own events, such as an eSports tournament. There are currently 2 types of events. Multiplayer and Ranking. The basic concepts of each event type is described on their page.

<Introduction Video: How to create your game event>

<Introduction Video: How to join the game event>



In addition to the contents there, they will implement a betting function by the end of September 2021, which audience can enjoy the winner betting during the game.




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