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Ebookchain partners with CSDN to build Chinese Blockchain Knowledge Base

The biggest Chinese IT community CSDN released a headlines article recently: Blockchain Analysis and Summary: from Concept to Bottom Layer Technology (with knowledge graph), author of which is Zhiwen Zhu(imfly), the founder of Ebookchain. The article signals the partnership to build blockchain knowledge base between Ebookchain and CSDN.


CSDN headline: Blockchain Analysis and Summary

CSDN was founded in 1999 and becom  e the biggest Chinese IT community and service platform. It offers the developers with knowledge base, career development and software development etc. IT personnel can find community with common interest and explore the commercialized application of their own apps. CSDN has 40 million users and 600,000 companies and partners.

Ebookchain is a blockchain-based copyright protection application for the wemedia.The goal is to build a completely open-source community by sharing detail interpretation of quality technical papers, cultivating the blockchain talents among the developers and to expand blockchain development in China.

The CSDN Blockchain knowledge base is founded and maintained by Zhiwen Zhu, author of Cryptocurrency Development on Nodejs github) The knowledge base is comprised of 5 sections: Basic Knowledge, Development Dependency, Development Documents, Technical Implementation and Use case. And each section is comprised of more specific tutorials. For example, in the Basic Knowledge section, the basic concepts include Bitcoin and Byzantine Generals Problem, blockchain forking mechanism; in the Use Case section, you may find DIY an Altcoin, Deployment and Running of 1st Smart Contract on Ethereum.


Five sections of the Blockchain Knowledge Base

The knowledge base is complete guide to blockchain development. Ebookchain blockchain knowledge base is far from being perfect and requires more input from you. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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