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DIMPAY – the Decentralized Payment Platform it’s Ready for their ICO

A word about DIMPAY

In a world that is adopting more and more of the uses of cryptocurrency, DIMPAY comes as an easy solution for managing and making transactions with one’s virtual money.

DIMPAY is a payment platform developed on a NEM blockchain, available for everyone to perform fast and secure online financial transactions from all around the world.

DIMPAY is a fast and less pricy way of payment, and is also prone to less errors that usually occur along the way when performing monetary transactions. The platform was designed to be used for peer to peer, business to business, consumer to business, and business to consumer financial interactions.

What is the DIM Ecosystem?

DIMPAY is the newly integrated part of the DIM Ecosystem that occupies itself with sales, e-commerce and fintech services. DIMPAY consists of DEPOTWALLET, the mobile version of DEPOTWALLET and DIM Debit Card. The access to these services is through HYBSE (HYBRID Stock Exchange) and WISE Consulting Ltd.

HYBSE is a platform used for online stock exchange which allows users from small and medium enterprises (SME’s) to search and request capital internationally.

WISE Consulting Ltd. acts like an exchange bureau in the DIM Ecosystem, which has the task to withdraw the user’s assets into their Business Accounts and then transferring the amount into their bank account.

About DEPOTWALLET and its mobile counterpart

DEPOTWALLET is a web app that is essentially a digitized version of a real wallet. Its primary use is to let the owner of the account buy, hold, sell or manage their tech finances and digitized assets.
DEPOTWALLET will have a mobile version, which will be similar to its web counterpart, but available on mobile devices.
About the DIM Debit Card
The DIM Debit Card will be used for converting the stored DIMCOINS and cryptocurrencies from the user’s DEPOTWALLET into DIM currencies. These DIM currencies can be used to purchase goods and services from online or conventional stores.

Private Account

This type of account enables the user to have absolute control over their account. This account will be linked to the user’s DEPOTWALLET and it will let him supervise and handle his digital savings and assets. Payments can be made regardless of the user’s location and time, therefore relieving him of the need to be dependent of physical money.

The most useful functions of a private account are that you can:
• view and manage the funds and cryptonized assets in the DEPOTWALLET
• make everyday transactions such like sending remittance
• make an order for recurring payments such as rent and insurance
• engage in point of sales payments
• engage in carrier payments
• receive guarantees (such as those issued by the bank to a creditor)
• execute direct debit procedures (creditors deduct the amount directly from the DEPOTWALLET account)

Business Account

For those that are invested in businesses, this type of account will be of tremendous use. The Business Account enables its users to supervise and administer their funds and transactions. The user will be the only one that has complete control over its customer’s shopping and checkout experiences. He will receive notifications regarding finalized payments and when these payments have been credited to their account. There are a wide variety of billing options that will surely pique the interest of many businesses and will most likely attract people from different professional fields.

Primary included features:
• Making salary payments
• Making expense payments
• Verifying the balance and funds available in the account
• Tracking the income and expenditure from the account
• Creating an invoice
• State the current financial positions (such as balance sheet, cash flow)
• Receiving invoice status updates

What is DIMPAY’s ICO release?

The development of DIMPAY is still in the works, and has not yet been fully integrated in the DIM Ecosystem. This project is a chance for DIM TOKEN and cryptocurrency owners to contribute to the maturation of one of the branches of the DIM Ecosystem. Such involvement from the crypto community will most likely contribute to the growth of DIMCOIN.
The ICO will start from the 7th of December and it will last up until the 18th of December.

The maximum target is 1,500 BTC (Bitcoins).
• 25%(35% for those using NEM cryptocurrency) date: 4-6 December
• 10%(20% for those using NEM cryptocurrency) date: 7-12 December
• 5%(15% for those using NEM cryptocurrency) date: 13-18 December
There is a minimum purchase per person, which is 1 DIMCOIN, while for a maximum purchase there is no such limit.

The accepted cryptocurrencies will be Bitcoin, Ethereum and NEM.
The funds that will be obtained in this project will go to improving various sectors in the DIMPAY structure. Such sectors will be: marketing, which will receive 30%, software development & engineering will receive 25%, structure development also 25%, legal & compliance and operational & administration both get 10%.

DIMPAY will not only benefit from the launch financially, it will also see an increase in its popularity in the world of decentralized payments.

This is a paid press release. The publication of PR should not be viewed as an endorsement by 8btc. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release.Viewers should do their own due diligence research before investing in any projects.

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