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Didi Chuxing’s Former Security Cheif has Joined Crypto Exchange Huobi

Although there are still heated debates over blockchain and cryptocurrency, a serious shortage of hire-able talented executive has clearly exist in this industry. More and more blockchain startups and exchanges join in the war for talent.

April 17, Wu Shupeng, the former chief security adviser of Didi Chuxing, joined the Huobi group as the chief security officer. According to an official announcement from Huobi News, Wu is in charge of the whole security team of Huobi.da250b1c22854681ad75181b6190448d20180417210945

Didi Chuxing is China’s leading ride-sharing service, after elbowing Uber out in 2016, Didi Chuxing quickly dominated the massive ride-sharing market. According to the announcement, Wu is an seasoned security expert with over 20 years work experience in this area, before took charge of the CSO of Huobi, He was fully in charge of the security risk control, data security management, security compliance and content security of Didi Chuxing.

In addition, Wu has also served as a preliminary partner of the Information Security Consulting Team at PWC. He has gained rich practical experience in information security technology, business operation security, capital market compliance and risk management in high-tech Internet and financial industries.

Wu is not the only one who choose to change career. Yuan Yuming, head of deputy research and the chief internet analyst of Industrial Securities, joined Huobi as its blockchain application academy’s director. Huobi’s chief strategy officer also chose to quit his job at Deutsche Bank in January.

Although China banned domestic digital exchanges from cryptocurrency trading in last September, after that, majority of the domenstic exchanges were closed down but there are still some engaging into overseas OTC exchange activities. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can still be traded via the peer-to-peer platforms. Some exchanges are also planning set up platforms overseas.

Last month, Huobi announced that it would set up a new office in the US to extend its oversea business. After the trading ban, Huobi has relocated part of its business to South Korea and Japan. Other Chinese cryptocurreny trading platforms includes OkCoin an also establish their international operations.

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