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“DeFi Stars” Gathered in Hangzhou, World Blockchain Conference 2021 is Officially Launched

On July 24-25, the World Blockchain Conference 2021 will be held in Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City. Hangzhou, which is the “first city of digital economy” in China, will usher in an anticipated industry event.

As the top summit brand of the industry created by 8btc, the World Blockchain Conference has been successfully held for three times in Wuzhen and Wuhan. This year, for the first time, the conference is located in Hangzhou. It is hosted by Yuhang District Government and jointly organized by Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City Management Committee and Hangzhou Timestamp Information Technology Co., Ltd. (8btc).


The World Blockchain Conference 2021 will continue the annual Hangzhou Blockchain Week! At that time, the wonderful collision of ideas and carnival like event will make Hangzhou, the charming city, truly a city of blockchain.

The World Blockchain Conference received positive responses from innovation enthusiasts around the world. SamBankman-Fried (SBF), Co-founder and CEO of FTX, Consultant of Serum, Stani Kulechov, Founder of Aave, Robert Leshner, Founder of Compound, and Pan Chao, the head of MakerDAO Foundation in China, have confirmed to attend.

This means that the head of global DeFi teams are already in place, and more well-known DeFi project founders at home and abroad will join them in the future.

What are the most cutting-edge DeFi trends globally in 2021? Which of the DeFi tracks is the most imaginative? Where can money go to dig for gold? With view in big collision, then hangzhou is bound to set off a global discussion of DEFI development upsurge.

SBF: Head of FTX, the man behind Solana, DeFi Whale

SBF is the No.1 player and whale in the DeFi world. Under his influence, Solana, a public chain, has become the most outstanding project to take on the value of Ethereum spillover, and Serum has become a strong competitor of Uniswap. One of his publicly disclosed addresses has nearly $3 billion in “farming,” and his portfolio has become an investment bible for many DeFi players.

Robert Leshner, Founder of Compound: Made Liquidity Mining great again

Robert Leshner has been paying close attention to cryptocurrencies since bitcoin was $1. In June 2020, Compound issued governance token COMP and started liquidity mining. After one day, its total market value exceeded that of Maker, the largest project in DeFi field at that time.

Robert has a strong sensitivity to the development of DeFi, he made a brilliant prediction in January 2021 about several major trends at the DeFi track, and these predictions have been confirmed over the past six months. He has said that DeFi is a mirror of traditional finance, but that the DeFi protocols will grow faster than anything in traditional financial markets.

Does Robert have any new industry judgments? What kind of wonderful sharing can he have? In Hangzhou, witness the new thinking of DeFi of the remarkable “player”.

Stani Kulechov, Founder of Aave: Composability is DeFi’s secret weapon

In 2017, Stani Kulechov released ETHLend (predecessor to Aave), one of the earliest dApps in the DeFi field. Over the past year, Aave has played out as DeFi’s universal mythology.

“I think one of the biggest advantages of DeFi over OldFi is its trustless and transparency,” says Stani. “Composability is DeFi’s secret weapon. Moreover, the DeFi community and the Ethereum community are constantly borrowing great ideas from each other to create new projects. The will to innovate is rolling in, but OldFi has no community to push it forward.”

How can DeFi further disrupt the OldFi market? What combination of products will give birth to new imaginations in the future? Stani will tell you his latest understanding.

Pan Chao, Head of MakerDao Foundation in China: We can’t just count on original assets on chain

MakerDAO was founded in 2014 to provide the first decentralized stablecoin DAI. Over the past year, it has become the cornerstone of the whole DeFi wave. Pan Chao is a famous scholar of the Austrian School in the industry and an expert in monetary banking. In 2013, Pan Chao began to pay attention to Bitcoin under the influence of Hayek’s Denationalization of Money. He joined MakerDAO in 2017.

Where is DeFi going to? “We can’t just rely on the original assets on the blockchain,” Pan said. “In the future, we need to solve real problems through blockchain technology, rather than living in a small circle.” Since 2020, MakerDAO has added a number of physical assets as collateral, thus taking the lead in connecting the atomic world with the physical world, and greatly expanding the asset volume of the crypto world.

Where is MakerDAO going with the project gradually being handed to community? How does MakeDAO play the role of pioneer? In Hangzhou, Pan Chao will bring fresh thinking on DAO governance.

From Wuzhen, Wuhan to Hangzhou, the Fourth World Blockchain Conference, Gather New Imagination

Set sail from Wuzhen, pay tribute to the city of heroes in Wuhan, and return to Hangzhou this year. In the past three years, the World Blockchain Conference has become one of the largest, highest standard and largest number of participants in the blockchain industry event ever held in China. In 2021, 8btc will comprehensively upgrade on the basis of previous conferences and bring new imagination to Hangzhou and the blockchain industry.


The main agenda of the World Blockchain Conference 2021 will last 2 days. The first day’s topics revolve around the blockchain industry and digital assets. The second day will switch to the most popular DeFi and NFT tracks. The conference plans to invite provincial and municipal leaders, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, well-known blockchain experts and scholars at home and abroad, famous economists, well-known entrepreneurs and investors to give keynote speeches.

The conference will plan special activities including crypto art exhibition. Full display of blockchain application scenarios, and also let the guests intuitively experience the charm of blockchain.

Like previous conferences, this World Blockchain Conference 2021 will be hosted by a large number of partners and brands with diversified themes and rich content, including summit forums, project roadshows, offline meetups, after-parties and other surrounding activities. This constitutes a new Hangzhou Blockchain Week on a grand scale!

In July, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts who are interested in finding new continents in the vast ocean of blockchain, let’s meet Hangzhou, a city full of digital economy innovator temperament, imagination and creativity of the times. With fearless courage, firm belief, and down-to-earth exploration, we will draw a new blueprint for the “infinite future” of blockchain together!

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