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CryptoKitties, CryptoCelebrities, Now CryptoRose For The Coming Valentine

When blockchain meets gaming, CryptoKitties fashion last year has took people by surprise for its astonishing price based on its rarity of traits. In recent days, another game named CryptoCelebrities is also quite eye-catching. On Jan.24, 2018, The Rose, the world’s first blockchain based AR game, was launched by Baofeng Xinying in China.


“A surprise for your lover”, the newly launched CryptoRose is exclusively designed for valentine’s day in 2018, aiming to bring about a love feast for the players. From Jan.24 to Feb.2, The Rose is pre-sold at the price of 59.9 CNY on its website and will be sent to the lover in the form of digital rose in a message at 00:00:00 of Valentine’s Day.

The Rose, a AR planting game based on BFC blockchain crypto trading system. Players buy rose seed, water it and keep diary for it, then a unique,delicate and beloved rose will be created. All of the roses can be displayed in 3D on the cell phone through AR or holographic projections. The time, place and words when the crypto rose is sent will be permanently recorded on the blockchain, lasting forever and becoming eternal memory. Compared with the traditional flower buying in a brick-and-mortar store, this game emphasizes more on the input of time and energy on it. And this kind of display of affection is named POL-Proof of Love, making everyone have the opportunity to take time and energy to show your love.

As a crystal of love, The Roses cannot be traded but sent as gift only. There are two scarcity genes in a rose, one is the flower gene, which is randomly distributed when the rose seed is watered. The other is the gene of POL (Proof of Love), which is obtained by insisting watering and keeping a diary.

On the other hand, The Rose, developed with AR technology, can be displayed in 3D on a cell phone or a holographic projection. Those who buy roses can closely observe their own AR rose like a real one. With AR technology, the unique rose is more real and touching, realistic experience of enjoying roses is enhanced. Thanks to Blockchain, players’ love vows can be permanently recorded on the blockchain with the one’s time and effort.

Cui Tianlong, CEO of Baofeng Xinying and the game inventor, said:

“Rose symbolizes love, we want love to be delicate and eternal, The Rose is also unique and timeless. Baofeng Xinying hopes to help the players better treasure, record and guard their love through its advantage in technology of blockchain and AR.”



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