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CryptoKaiju Launches Their Second Batch of Ethereum Powered Vinyl Toys

New generation launch follows last year’s sell-out Genesis collection which garnered international acclaim


CryptoKaiju, the UK-based blockchain start-up which made waves around the world last year, has announced the release of its second-generation Bitcoin-themed collectibles.

Jaiantokoin is based on the idea of a giant anthropomorphic cryptocurrency and follows in the footsteps of 2018’s debut figure, Genesis. Genesis made history in 2018 when it became the world’s first vinyl toy to be fully traceable on a public blockchain. It sold out in just over one month and went on to be sold on secondary markets for as much as $280 per collectible.

Much like its predecessor, the new toy which is named “Giant Token” uses tamper resistant NFC tags and is digitally unique. Each is backed by a non-fungible ERC-721 token, which is the same token standard used in the highly popular virtual game, CryptoKitties. The token contains metadata which describes certain aspects of the collectible, such as its birth date, gender, colour, a description and two personality traits such as ‘intelligence’ or ‘creativity.’

Using the technology in this way allows the toy to be linked physically and digitally for improved handling of provenance, authenticity and scarcity. The token ensures that the collectible can’t be duplicated, counterfeited or faked and also means that every CryptoKaiju is digitally unique.

Just 250 of the new physical crypto collectibles will be available worldwide. The limited-edition figure comes in two different styles; giant Bitcoin monster and the scarcer giant Ethereum monster.


CryptoKaiju co-founder, Oliver Carding said, “We were amazed by the demand for our first collectible, Genesis! Months after selling out we are still receiving weekly requests from people looking to buy one.  We used the feedback from our customers and everything we learnt from our first collectible to improve the product. We completely revised the original feet design from our original prototype to ensure the NFT is even more secure for example. I am sure fans of the project will be equally pleased with our second generation figures.”

The second generation CryptoKaiju blockchain collectible will launch worldwide on 27 March, 2019.

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About CryptoKaiju

CryptoKaiju are the world’s first vinyl toys fully traceable on a public blockchain. The project is a collaboration between members of & Block Rocket


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