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Cryptocurrency Gamblers are Losing Interest in Gambling DApps

Over the past few months, cryptocurrency gamblers have left gambling dapps en masse.

Data shows the proportion of players who lost money on EOS’s gambling DApp has been rising since February 2019. From February to May, the proportion of players who lost money was more than 50%. In May 2019, the proportion exceeded 60%. The proportion of players who lost money on TRON’s gambling DApp has been over 50% since October 2018.

Back in late January, data showed just 2 percent of Ethereum‘s US-dollar transactional volumes could be attributed to gambling dapps.By contrast, 70 percent of overall traffic on EOS was the result of cryptocurrency betting activity; for TRON, more than 95 percent of its network activity was gambling-related.


After FOMO3D, new gambling DApps came online every few days. At that time, the top 10 DApp applications with the highest 24-hour user activity were almost gambling DApps. Gambling DApps was once considered to be a natural combination with blockchain.

“I used to spend an hour or two on gambling DApp. But after a period of time, I found that not only did not I earn money, but all the time I spent on gambling DApp were wasted. It was really a bit addictive after playing, but later I realized that it was a game of probability. It must be a loss not only of time, but also of money

For most DApp players, the motivation for them comes from experiencing and wining money. Losing more and winning less is a major factor for cryptocurrency gamblers to leave.

Gambling DApps is still the most active DApp both in the TRON and EOS.G. Now gambling DApps giants dominate the market. ‘Dice’ shared 70% of all gambling DApps trade volume on EOS, while ‘TRONbet’ shared 86% of all gambling DApp trade volume on TRON.


At present, there are about 30 to 40 DApps launched online every month with 30 to 50 DApps knocked out every month. DApp survived more than two months account for only 30% of the total. According to DappReview’s data, there are currently 3548 DApps, and the number of live users of these applications is only 189,209. That is to say, on average, each DApp now has only 53 users.

Compared with the beginning of this year, the attention for DApp is less. A year ago, the so-called DApp boom was brought by gambling DApps to a large extent, now with the decline of gambling DApps, fewer and fewer people are using DApps.


  • 4 years ago Jordanhanke

    Losing more and winning less is a major factor

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