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Crypto Mining, A Big Contributor to TSMC’s NT$248.08 Billion Q1 Revenue

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd (TSMC), the world’s largest chip contract manufacturer, has posted its consolidated revenue for the first quarter of 2018 on 10th of April. The consolidated sales for Q1 totaled NT$248.08 billion, up 6.1% from last year. Bitcoin mining contributes a lot to the revenue growth as demand for chips surges.99

According to the revenue report, the TSMC’s consolidated revenue for March is NT$103.69 billion (US$3.55 billion). It also breaks the highest single-month revenue record in TSMC’s history in the same time period. The monthly revenue in January and February is not looking so good with a total of NT$144.38.

There is a seasonal slowdown in demand for mobile devices and the fewer working days would drag down TSMC’s first-quarter revenues, said by the foundry’s CFO Lora Ho in January. In the original plan, the revenue for Q1 would lie on the range of $8.4 billion to $8.5 billion USD with a 8% sequential decrease. However, the strong chip demand still boots the company’s manufacture business.

The market demand for ASICs and 12/16nm GPUs for cryptocurrency mining is currently at a very high level. Bitmain, the Chinese cryptocurrency mining hardware manufacturer, has continued to promote its mining chip production and increase the number of order and require TSMC to keep producing more chips for them.

It was reported that TSMC has take over 90% of the market share in cryptocurrency mining chip production, according to Taiwan’s local media. It was also reported that TSMC’s capacity has been fully booked to Q3 2018.

Nonetheless, TSMC’s production facilities has taken over the most of the cryptocurrency mining chip production market, other technical giants, for examples, Samsung, also joins the turbulent race to share the mining chip production market with TSMC, and Ebang has already partnered with Samsung to produce ASIC chips.

TSMC is scheduled to host an investors meeting on the 19th of April to discuss its performance in Q1 and disclose the business strategy and guidance in the second quarter of 2018.

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