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Crazy Bitcoin Be Hot Topic, Chinese Tycoons Enter the Market

With recent news that Shi Yuzhu of Giant Network invested in OKCoin and Zhou Hongyi with Qihoo 360 negotiated with, Bitcoin, bombarding our screen everyday with its soaring price, has attracted people everywhere, especially those tycoons from different industries. Two days ago, another legend and entrepreneurial mentor,Kai-fu Lee,once been the vice-president of Microsoft and Google and then set up the Innovation Works, has followed the trending hashtag.

He posted a “Bitcoin Story” on Weibo with three secretly tittering emoji, which says:

A boy asked his bitcoin-investing dada for 1 bitcoin for his birthday.

Dad: What? $15554??? $14354 is a lot of money! What do you need $16782 for anyway?


The story is meant to exclaim over the great volatility of bitcoin prices, but the emoji he added intrigues our deep thinking of his attitude towards Bitcoin.

Upon Kai-fu Lee’s talking about bitcoin, we shall show no surprise as his Innovation Works often associates with conferences relating to blockchain technology, of which it even sometimes be the organizer.

Anyway, recently bitcoin has been ranked second of the hot topic among top financial topics in Weibo(Microblog), a counterpart of Twitter in China, with views reaching an astonishing 240 million.


Following such a hot topic, CCTV Finance & Economics certainly could not be out, it posted an article titled,

“Crazy! Bitcoin Price Break USD 20,000!”

With this eye-catching headline the weibo has been viewed 50,000 times so far.


As for other tycoons who have been believed involved in this cryptocurrency world, rumor goes that Lei Jun has invested in Wu Jihan’s Bitmain in some way, though Lei Jun stood out to clarify that he did not buy a bitcoin or invested in Bitmain. However, Lei Jun’s Xiaomi France accepted bitcoin payment via Bitpay, and Xiaomi Mobile joined Hyperledger, the top blockchain organization, which sparks much speculation.


Yao Jinbo, boss of 58 City, a website provides classified information service including rental, recruitment, purchase, friends-making, etc., has been recommending others to buy bitcoin, and paid unimaginable attention to blockchain.

One more to go, Wang Xiaochuan, CEO of Sogou which is a Chinese search website second to Baidu, still immersed in the joy of his company’s recent listing, has repeatedly mentioned bitcoin early in 2013 in different social media including Weibo. It is rumored that he holds the fifth most bitcoin amount in China. As well as Huang Mingwei, Alibaba’s senior vice president, etc.


Bitcoin is not only the buzzword among tycoons, but also penetrates into the common’s daily life. It is said that bitcoin along with other cryptocurrency has been fashionable daily greetings in the circle of Sci-tech and Internet. Staff in companies related to cryptocurrency or blockchain are proud and may show arrogance to have bitcoin, litecoin or other potential “coins” in hand.

And today what makes both insiders and outsiders jealous is that Zhao Dong, the most influential OTC bitcoin trader in China, wrote in his Wechat moments,

“This year every member of our company would be rewarded one bitcoin as the year-end bonus, Smile”


A bitcoin’s current market price is now around RMB 130,000 Yuan. What a good boss!

While coming back to the issue, it is a good time to reward employees with bitcoin this year, as this year is bitcoin’s Big Year, bitcoin proves its value by exponential growth and astonishing price. And this year, Zhao Dong’s team did make great profit in some projects, and the team members deserve it. So here’s a tip for you, find the right boss instead of daydreaming about overnight rich.

And Li Xiaolai who holds the most bitcoin in China also posts a Wechat moment today,

“The blockchain industry is gradually changed. Another era will be born at this Christmas …”


Any subtle change in an industry will be first perceived by those tycoons of this industry. So many tycoons have already sent the signal. With Christmas at the corner, many traditional industries and investment institutions are ready to join the blockchain industry, making the blockchain industry a mainstream and step into a new developing period. Surly, all these changes, are inseparable with the amazing performance of bitcoin all over the world.

With the intensive and extensive spread of bitcoin and blockchain, dare you be a prepared “wave rider”?



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