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Craig Wright Ordered to Produce Tulip Trust Documents in 2 Days

Craig Wright, the chief scientist at nChain and self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, has been ordered to produce documents regarding the Tulip Trust by Mar. 12. According to the court documents, Judge Bruce Reinhart overruled the objections to his decision Wright made earlier this month.

Namely, after a bonded courier reportedly delivered the last key slice needed to unlock the encrypted file holding the list of Wright’s Bitcoin addresses, Wright produced a significant amount of documentation that showed the existence of a third, previously unidentified trust that held his bitcoins. Wright refused to reveal how he obtained the documentation regarding “Tulip Trust III,” citing attorney-client privileges. 

Wright claimed that as his wife, Ramona Watts, was one of the trustees of Tulip Trust, all communication between them and other counsels of the trust remain confidential. He also claimed that all of his communication with 17 companies mentioned in the case were also protected by the corporate attorney-client privilege. 

In order to prove an attorney-client relationship between him and the counsel of the Tulip Trust, Denis Mayaka, he produced a document the judge referred to as the “Mayaka Declaration”. Wright produced an unnotarized declaration in which Mayaka stated the following:

“I am lawyer and obtained my bachelor of law degree in 2007 from Moi University in Kenya.”

As further evidence supporting Mayaka’s claims, Wright submitted a printout of Mayaka’s LinkedIn profile.

While the crypto industry ridiculed Wright for the evidence he produced, the judge presiding over his case with Ira Kleiman didn’t find it amusing at all. He refused to consider any of the documents, saying that the documents could have been easily altered.

“Particularly given my prior finding that Dr. Wright has produced forged documents in this litigation, I decline to rely on this kind of document, which could easily have been generated by anyone with word processing software and a pen,” he explained in the filing.

Judge Reinhart also noted that he hasn’t given any weight to Wright’s own sworn statements, as he previously found that Wright lied in his presence. His assertion of marital privilege over his communication with Ms. Watts was also refuted, with the Judge saying that he failed to prove that their communication was ever intended to remain private. 

Therefore, the Judge ordered Wright to provide all of the answers requested by Kleiman and his estate in their previous filing on or before Mar. 12. 

The same day that the objection to Wright’s appeal was filed, Judge Beth Bloom and Judge Reinhart formally requested help from the U.K. in the two-year-long litigation between Ira Kleiman and Wright. They requested judicial assistance from the Senior Master of the Queen’s Bench Division of the High Court in the U.K. in ordering nChain to produce documents related to the case.

According to the filing, the U.K.-based nChain is instructed to provide all documents that relate to W&K Info Defense Research, the company Wright and Kleiman used to mine bitcoins, as well as all other documents mentioning Dave Kleiman, Satoshi Nakamoto, or bitcoins. 

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