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Coolest Children’s Day Gift – Engineer Dad DIY a Blockchain Cartoon Book for His 7-yrs-old Son

What is blockchain? How is blockchain useful in our daily life? A father tries to get it clear for his 7-year-old son by making a blockchain-themed cartoon book.

This father created a blockchain-themed fairy tale and designed the illustrations all by himself. Then he had it printed and had the book delivered to his primary-school son in New York the night before Children’s Day. After he posted pictures of this special gift on WeChat (Chinese version of WhatsApp), it rapidly went viral on various social media.


(Happy) Children’s Day, for big G!


Can big G understand it?

Cool~ super sweet engineer dad, explain the new disruptive technology by telling a readable story

A technology full of warmth and love!

Get it, keep it for my child

(blockchain education) start with kids

It may be the most readable blockchain textbook in history, telling the story of a mouse managing to have the best cheese by adopting blockchain technology…


In order to have the most authentic, freshest and safest cheese, the Mouse King comes up with a smart idea – he asks all the mice who participate in the cheese production to write down their job on their own ledgers, and broadcast it to everyone after the job is done with their speaker. Only after it is verified by others, would their job be recognized. There’s also a safe box, while only the mouse who is in charge of the current job has access to it, in this way the whole production process is traceable and tamperproof.

Ledger, speaker and safe box, with these magic tools, the Mouse King could rest assured about the cheese he’s gonna eat. And this smart idea is called blockchain. The speaker is the consensus algorithm, ledger is the database, and safe box be the cryptography, they are three fundamental technologies of blockchain. Nevertheless, you just need to know that blockchain is quite useful.

Big G’s father, Zhang Hui, is the team leader of blockchain technology lab at Ant Financial (world’s most valuable fintech company formerly known as Alipay, an affiliate company of Alibaba), the team is now engaging in the R&D of blockchain application in various scenarios.

The story did not end here, after reading the story, the boy asked his father in a video call,

“so…where do I come from, can it be traceable via blockchain?”



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