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Companies Named With Blockchain Sale for 80,000 CNY

Blockchain has been so hot that people are selling registered companies with the “blockchain” (区块链in Chinese) for profit. So far over 5,000 companies are connected with “blockchain” in one way or another, most of which are registered in the past 12 months. Some companies have modified their scope of business to include “blockchain”. These companies cover almost all industrial categories at present.
According to the search result of tianyancha, the number of enterprises with “blockchain” in their name amounts to 1,222, and there are 5,038 companies with blockchain in their business scope. There companies are involved in agriculture, e-commerce, biotechnology and culture , sports competitions and real estate. Most of these companies are located in Guangdong Province, among which 2,177 are located in Guangzhou and 502 in Shenzhen.

Registration broker said that the authority has stopped approval for companies with the name of “blockchain”. But it has not been confirmed by the business management authority.
The broker claimed that on January 30, 2018, SAIC (State Administration of Industry and Commerce) had pre-approved four companies containing “blockchain” . But up to now, the four companies was not yet approved in the system.


“It usually takes 10 working days only for registering “blockchain” company. But it has been suspended for approvals just before the new year. “

said the broker. Chinese New Year is lunar new year, which started on 16 February, 2018. According to the screenshot of the broker’s wechat moment, the “asset”

At the same time, the trading of “blockchain” companies has started. A registered companies named with “blockchain” company was publicly sold for 80,000 yuan.


Both entities for sale are registered in Beijing in 2017. The price is not disclosed publicly. But it’s said to be available for 80,000 CNY.

However, my personal query on qichacha shows that a company named with “blockchain” was approved on 26 February, 2018. Therefore, the approval suspension of “blockchain” company is not true. It might be trolling from registration broker to push sales.



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