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Collinstar Holding Acquired BW Group with 100 Million USD


Collinstar Holding made a sweeping acquisition of BitcoinWebsite(BW). Xu Zijing, board director of Collinstar Holding Xu Zijing noted that the acquisition will be a start for Collinstar’s integration of industry chain.

Founded on Aug.2014, Shenzhen BitcoinWebsite Ecommerce Company focused on the operation of cloud computing power of blockchain. Its business includes chip R&D and production, blockchain cloud data center with tens of thousands of square meters and tens of thousands of cloud computers with high computing power, committed to proving professional, simple, highly efficient, safe and trustworthy blockchain data service experience. Currently, BW’s blockchain industry service with the high-tech chip as the core represents the cloud computing manufacturing and operation level in the real world as well as the best cost-earnings ratio. BW also owns BW pool-the bespoke solution for high-speed integrated computing of blockchain. BW is best known for its professionalism and high efficiency. Compared to other solution providers, BW platform charges lower with more stability and higher benefit. It also has the advantages of supporting multiple underlying protocols, multiple mining pool switch, PPS and PPLNS benefit distribution model in parallel and embedded anti-DDOS attack defensive system. After three years of development since rolling out the integrated computing business in 2015, BW pool has become one of the fastest and professional mining pool in the world.

BW once had a shareholder of LKetc-the world’s biggest blockchain technology provider. LKetc has accumulated business turnover of over 1 billion RMB with clients all over the world. It’s definitely the world’s biggest promotor of blockchain technology. It has under its flag a computing power business center “Power Home” and the world’s first virtual asset mortgage P2P loan At the beginning of the founding of BW, the company was far-sighted and focused not only on short-term returns but also on its strategic layout in various blockchain areas. Its business covers the R&D of chips and cloud computers of high computing power, providing full industrial chain solutions on blockchain.

Collinstar Holding acquired BW for its three major industry advantages. First, BW owns most professional cloud servers array once ranked top 3 globally. The speed of BW blockchain supercomputer can be as high as 11700G/s with the lowest comprehensive operation cost and high client comprehensive benefit. Second, BW has the R&D, manufacturing and marketing team of the world’s most advanced scrypt-based super server BW-L21 and cutting-edge ASIC chip. It ranks No.1 in terms of the sales strength of the computing power processing units. BW was the first in China to create the 14nm Bitcoin chip and realized mass production of 28nm chip in 2017. Currently it’s working on 12nm chip. In high-tech area such as the chip sector, BW is undoubtedly a model team that is constantly innovating and upgrading cloud computing machine all the way to 10nm. Third, as one of BW’s priority electronic business, the cloud computing power platform is renowned inside the industry for operating mass-scale blockchain cloud processing center. Its latest B18cloud computing core adopting the most advanced 14nm chip in the world, ranking top of the industry. The platform’s computing power comes from the biggest blockchain technology team in Anhui which owns blockchain super server array under professional management in Anhui, Henan, Inner Mongolia and other regions. Therefore, the cooperation of the two sides ensures the online rate, stability and growth rate of the high computing power. It is leading the industry with current steadily running computing power of over 300PH/s and 20000 GPUs.

After acquiring BW, Collinstar Holding group will use its industry advantages and current business resources as well as its capital reserve to re-layout the whole sectors of blockchain, promoting the growth of blockchain system and the development of the blockchain technology in the world.


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