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Chinese University Marks Anniversary by Launching on Metaverse

The Communication University of China announced recently that one of the landmark events of its last anniversary celebration was the representation of its physical campus on the Metaverse. The anniversary was hosted across both worlds, the physical world, and the virtual world, giving participants who were not physically present the opportunity to move around the campus in the metaverse.

By this action, the Communication University of China became the first Chinese academic institution to join the metaverse. The school joined Baidu’s XiRang metaverse which was developed in December 2021 as a non-blockchain online metaverse. This achievement by the Communication University of China is a paradigm shift that might kickstart something significant across the Chinese region.

We will recall that early reports about the Covid-19 pandemic suggested that it originated in one of the cities of China, Wuhan. Subsequently, the outcome of the global pandemic has revolutionized the model of existence in different areas of human life. Restrictions in physical interaction have led to various innovations around virtual existence, including the metaverse.

The idea of virtual interaction has grown since then and even schools in different parts of the world have adopted virtual learning processes at different levels. Across these levels, metaverse implementation has become a preferred option, although the technology is still in its early stages.

In November 2021, Stanford University opened its first VR classroom, creating the opportunity for remote learning and interaction. Cases like these are standing out as a proof of concept for other regions where such is being considered, especially with the dynamics of the Covid-19 pandemic becoming more and more complicated.

The Communication University of China’s development was not categorically classified as a tool to overcome the challenges of Covid-19. However, it comes across as a perfect implementation for the situation. It could as well be used for, or serve as an example for other use cases in the region.

For instance, the city of Wuhan in China has announced its plans to embrace the metaverse as a tool that will help its economic recovery process. As mentioned earlier, Wuhan was reported as the city where the Covid-19 virus originated from. It also recorded a significantly high ratio of cases that directly affected its economy.

As the city plans to recover from this setback, the metaverse is listed among the innovative technologies that it is embracing according to its 2022 work plan. The achievement by the Communication University of China will surely send a message of possibility to Wuhan and other cities with plans of exploring the tech for various reasons.

Prevailing opinions suggest that the year 2022 will be when the metaverse industry explodes. Facebook’s announcement in Q4 2021 of its intention to explore the metaverse has raised the expectation of the online community. Ahead of that, many projects are implementing the tech, especially in the online gaming industry.

From all indications, we shall be seeing more mainstream implementations of the metaverse. Academic institutions are expected to be among the frontrunners for this development even as the Communication University of China has set an example.


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