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Chinese Security Firm Qihoo 360 Launches a ‘Blockchain Firewall’ To Protect Your Digital Assets From Hackers

Chinese cybersecurity leader Qihoo 360 has added a new feature—blockchain firewall—to its free antivirus program called 360 Total Security in bid to fight blockchain-related security issues, such as preventing digital currency wallet from being attacked and keeping passwords safe and deterring cryptocurrency clipboard hackers, according to local media Odaily.


Users are recommended to turn on the ‘blockchain firewall’ on 360 Total Security while trading cryptos. If payment card details are detected to be tampered with on the clipboard, users will get a pop-up warning.

It is reported that 360 Total Security discovered a new virus last month known as ‘Clipboard Hijacker’ affecting a large group of bitcoin users in China via infected viruses, Trojan-Downloader, and junk mails when they send coins to Bitcoin or Ethereum addresses.


The virus could monitor the clipboard activity of computers to detect if it contains a Bitcoin or Ethereum address. If detected, it will swap the user’s address out with one that hackers control, and redirect the transfer to their own wallet. The company said on a Weibo post that in June, it has blocked more than 50,000 such Trojan attacks and recovered more than 40 million yuan losses.

Qihoo 360 has long been paying close attention to blockchain security issues. In late May, the company’s Vulcan team discovered a series of $100 million-worth security vulnerabilities on the EOS network, and helped the team to fix them.

As an emerging technology, blockchain technology is far from secure, and many blockchain-based projects are still facing various kinds of cryber attacks, resulted in the leak of personal data and financial loss. Therefore, Qihoo 360 releases the blockchain firewall feature now.

According to Qihoo 360’s chairman Zhou Hongyi, the internet security firm will launch three systems targeting the blockchain security ecosystem in the near future, namely, the security audit system for digital currency wallet, blockchain situation awareness system and blockchain node security solutions.


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