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Chinese Internet Celebrity Lash Out At Blockchain With 1000+ Retweets

A short video has exploded among bitcoiners yesterday with nearly a thousand comments and 600+ likes, in which Du Zijian, a Big V (weibo user with 500,000+ followers), lash out at blockchain, bitcoin and digital tokens, claiming they are bubbllish and people who preach them swindlers in rage. Given his influence as an Internet celebrity, it soon got spread quickly among the social media. It has been viewed nearly a million times on a livestream platform, and reposted and commented for over a thousand times on Weibo (China’s twitter-like microblog).


Another weibo Big V commented that,

Blockchain is a great invention comparable to wheel, computer, Internet, condoms, written language, zipper and engine, you cannot deny blockchain for a person’s fault or partial chaos, otherwise it’s nonsense.”

What he say  

  1. There are only two types of blockchain fanatics, one is clever swindlers, the other is foolish nuts, it is in effect a gamble between nuts and swindlers.
  2. The financial disorder with few regulatory will lead to financial crisis. In this sense, such financial disorder cannot be ignored by the state. So, be cautious, you swindlers!
  3. All these are bubbles, it has been agreed by both experts and scholars.

Complex feelings among Internet users

Du Zijian is a writer and entrepreneur who used to do wine business and online marketing. A has-been Internet Celebrity actually, he may have been forgot by many. So some netizens say this is a publicity stunt to make him back to those prime days, and a lot agree with him as they suffered great loss in the recent cryptocurrency slump.


  • – May I have his words this way? He is helping those virtual currency investors know clearly what the environment and situations now in China. Those who know bitcoin well will not be mad at this video, but those swindlers making fortune by VIRTUAL tokens will.
  • – Greed leads to poverty! Large amount digital currency held in the hand of a minority of people, who can easily manipulate its price for their own interest. Two rules fit for gamblers: 1, you can never wake up a person pretending to be sleeping; 2, gamblers wanna play with luck, and casino plays you.
  • – Haha, one principle for me: never touch something you don’t know.
  • – What if I can hear you earlier! Have already lost 200,000 CNY.

As a celebrity, it is unfair to label a newly-emerged stuff at will

Responding to his views, some argue that there are indeed bitcoin speculators, but many are bitcoin believers who HODL it; regulations are tightened, and the current chaos is caused by some black sheep; and do not mix bitcoin and blockchain up!

His radical opinion about cryptocurrency and blockchain may mislead public understanding. The public care about what celebrities think about, what they say really matters. There may be villains and swindlers who make fortune under the name of cryptocurrency, it indeed reflects Chinese resentment towards those fake tokens.

Different attitudes towards bitcoin and blockchain

Early this month, Still, China lashed out at bitcoin, with People’s Daily — a Communist Party official media— running an editorial saying the cryptocurrency is “flooded with froth.”


Days ago on Jan.16, the same media post a weibo popularizing the notion of blockchain, mainly about its development, application and solution to nowadays problems, as well as its relation with bitcoin and why it become so hot in these days, in which blockchain is justified and placed great expectations. It is delighted that the weibo is reposted and liked for nearly thousands of times, much more than the one of Du, that means, more Chinese are informed with the knowledge of blockchain.


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