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Chinese Governmental Research Institution Launches Top 10 Public Blockchain in 2018

China’s Center for Information and industry development (CCID) has launched its ranking for 2018 top 10 public blockchains in basic tech last Friday. Most popular public blockchain projects including BitShares, EOS, Ethereum, Ripple and Stellar are all upon the list.

The CCID Blockchain Research Institute is a research unit under China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. As blockchain technology develops at a rapid speed and has been recognized as the emerging cutting-edge technology, CCID decided to conducted monthly comprehensive assessment on public blockchain since last May.

This time, the institution has public the CCID 2018 Top 10 Public Blockchains in Basic-tech Assessment Index, mainly based on 8 previous monthly assessments, as well as their basic technological evaluation.

According to CCID, the basic tech evaluation includes four dimensions including function, performance, security, and decentralization. The number of public blockchains evaluated remains at 34.

The top 10 out of 34 public blockchains are BitShares, EOS, Ethereum, GXChain, Nebulas, NEO, Ontology, Ripple, Steem, and Stellar. All the names are listed in no particular order.


Among the evaluated subjects, 44.1% of the public blockchains can only support basic functions such as digital currency transfer, while 26.5% of them can provide specific functions including digital asset storage, transaction, and sharing. 29.4% of the public blockchains support the development of Turing Complete smart contract.

In addition, more and more public blockchain technology teams are getting concerned with privacy protection. Privacy protection technologies such as ring signature, homomorphic encryption, and zero-knowledge proof have been improved and applied to many public blockchain systems. Among the evaluation subjects, 17.6% of those public blockchains have privacy protection technologies.

Furthermore, TPS (Transaction Per Second) is very important for global public blockchain projects. However, it is still very hard to improve the TPS at this stage. For instance, EOS, a typical representative of the new generation public blockchain has only achieved 4000 TPS.

It was also reported that the average transaction cost of the evaluated public blockchains is 0.17 RMB ($0.02482.)

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