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Chinese Crypto Retail Already Moved on to Speculate Sneakers While the Westerners Hyped Exchange Tokens

While the westerners hyped exchange tokens and alike, the Chinese crypto retail already moved on to speculate sneakers.

“You have missed the chance of speculating real estate or bitcoin, so why don’t you take the opportunity to speculate sneakers?”

The popular slogan shows trading sneakers has become the most hyped thing among young Chinese. The turnover of 26 best sellers among sneakers has reached ¥450 million, exceeding the turnover of 9431 New OTC(Over the Counter) Market.


Within one hour, a pair of sneakers increased its price at least five folds. A speculator sold a sneaker at the price of ¥6999 as he bought it at the price of ¥1299 one hour ago. Over the past six months, only Bitcoin and some platform tokens have risen sharply, but even Bitcoin has only risen by 200% so far. Money crypto investors gave sneaker speculators  a sight with admiring expression in their eyes.


“Yes, the profits in sneakers speculation is much higher than that in crypto investment. Several folds in return of sneakers investment often and the threshold is particularly low. I should have speculated sneakers”

Complained a crypto investor, a migration of crypto space to sneakers space is taking place in China. Compared with crypto space peopled with bankers, the sneakers circle is virgin land that has not yet been harvested—— we’ve never seen victims safeguard their rights in sneakers company such as Nike or AJ.

The power is mastered by institutions, project executors and crypto Exchanges. The hierarchy of the crypto space has solidified, the first group of the wealth, whether in crypto circle or mining circle, have emerged. The late comers make little money or retreat with loss.

The sneakers investors can play cool with their sneakers while crypto can’t. But the essence of sneaker investment is the same as crypto investment, both of them are speculation.

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