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Chinese Crypto Entrepreneur Killed Himself after Losing 2000 BTC Using 100x Leverage

A Chinese crypto entrepreneur has committed suicide after losing clients’ 2,000 BTC by using 100x leverage trading, his former partner revealed on June 10.


Hui Yi, the 42-year old CEO and co-founder of BTE.TOP, a data analysis and service provider for the crypto market, has reportedly passed away on June 5. According to information circulated on the Internet, Hui was suspected of embezzling 2,000 BTC (roughly $14.5 million calculated by the recent bitcoin price) from users of the firm to short bitcoin with 100x leverage and lost all the funds.

What does 100 times leverage mean? If bitcoin price goes up by 1%, the account will be wiped out and all the money will go to zero. On the morning of May 31, Hui was still active in WeChat group chatting, predicting that the bitcoin price would plunge within an hour and its futures price would go to an intraday low of $7,000. His later death indicated the market was not on his side in his final days.


According to public information, Hui Yi was a serial entrepreneur, prior to it, he served IBM China research center as a senior researcher and later a senior product manager with Microsoft during 2003-2008. Over these years, he established a reputation as a crypto futures trader with lots of followers after several accurate predictions about the market trends.

His high-profile crypto startup BTE.Top was alleged to be the first Chinese blockchain project invested by VC giant Softbank China Venture Capital (SBCVC). While SBCVC told 8btc that “BTE.Top is not an SBCVC-funded project. It was a project SBCVC approached last year, but we have decided to give up the investment at the end of 2018. ”

Hui’s sudden death has roiled the crypto community in the country and left its clients at loss. People are wondering why this professional and seasoned trader acted so crazy and irrational with 100x leverage this time. Some observers even suggest that Hui faked his own death to abscond with the 2,000BTC, as they believe the seasoned market trader must have earned a lot before it and there would have been no need for him to give up his life for losses like this.

As of press time, the company and Hui’s family have not published the obituary of his death. The cause of Hui’s death is still unclear, and how to repay the 2,000 BTC to clients is another pressing problem the firm has to face. While some posted a picture saying the firm had shut down its office a month ago.


Leverage trading in cryptocurrency allows users to earn huge profits while exposing them to higher risks at the same time for its volatile nature. Most leverage traders are so addicted to the illusion of high profits that they absolutely forget the risks in it. Some even risk mortgaging their real estate to trade cryptos with leverage, dreaming of getting rich overnight, but most end up with debt instead.


  • 8BTCnews
    4 years ago 8BTCnews

    Chinese Crypto Entrepreneur Killed Himself after Losing 2000 BTC Using 100x Leverage | http://NEWS.8BTC.COM …

  • sebastien ashby
    4 years ago sebastien ashby

    aaaaannddd it’s gone

  • Chris
    4 years ago Chris

    Chinese Crypto Entrepreneur Killed Himself after Losing 2000 BTC Using 100x Leverage …

  • Jacob Canfield
    4 years ago Jacob Canfield

    Sad story, but not uncommon,

    High leverage trading carried a lot of risk with it.

    For those starting out or looking to use margin, start with 2-3X leverage and practice on a test net.

    It’s very easy to lose your money if you are not experienced. …

  • CryptoApprentice
    4 years ago CryptoApprentice

    Man it’s not worth it more than life, nothing is. Take a break, walk out, enjoy life.

  • Smiley Sports Talk
    4 years ago Smiley Sports Talk

    No .1% stop loss even on such a large trade? Yikes.

    Sad to see someone lose their life over this. Suicide sucks.

  • Sondakh Turner
    4 years ago Sondakh Turner

    If i have 2000btc, ill enjoy my life. No trade anymore just invest

  • smokatoke
    4 years ago smokatoke

    Did you even read the article? He took his own life because he embezzled that BTC and then tried to speculate on a market dump. It’s sad when anyone takes their own life, but this wasn’t some noobie mistake, and the lesson here here isn’t mainly about how to properly leverage

  • JakeThePanda
    4 years ago JakeThePanda

    Bitcoin is so volatile you can make money trading without leverage. Call me crazy.

  • CryptoDinosaur
    4 years ago CryptoDinosaur

    So sad. Most of us should simply leave margin trading alone. I have heard more sad stories than good ones when margin is talked about.

  • Savio
    4 years ago Savio

    Sounds like an Onion headline.

  • shadow
    4 years ago shadow

    @APompliano …

  • Renik
    4 years ago Renik

    That type of person doesn’t trade bitcoin 100x… exit scam…

  • Ben Zemła
    4 years ago Ben Zemła

    Poor dude

  • Miketran07
    4 years ago Miketran07

    @Retmons1 damn

  • Reinforced Gus
    4 years ago Reinforced Gus

    Totally agree with Renik. Some needs to forensically trace those BTC transactions!

  • Alex Jax
    4 years ago Alex Jax

    Probably another exit strategy…

  • Phil86
    4 years ago Phil86

    He’s not dead. Faked it

  • Mike Lacy
    4 years ago Mike Lacy

    we will see a lot more of this

  • Toru Sasaki (暗号通貨&ゴールド好き)
    4 years ago Toru Sasaki (暗号通貨&ゴールド好き)

    2000BTCは客から預かった資産だったのね。”ネットの情報によると顧客から預かった資産を不正に回して溶かしたと疑われている”。”reportedly passed away” 亡くなったとされている、、、ですと。コメント頂いた方、ありがとうございました。 … …

  • 8BTCnews
    4 years ago 8BTCnews

    Mt. Gox Founder Faces Fraud Lawsuit Over Hack Vulnerabilities | http://NEWS.8BTC.COM …

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