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Chinese Car-Hailing Company Was Hacked for Bitcoin Ransom amid Recent Bitcoin Bull

Chinese car-hailing company Yidao Yongche said its server has been under continuous attack and the hacker demanded huge amount of bitcoin for restoring data.

The company took to Weibo (Twitter equivalent in China) that the sustained attack had led to its essential data encrypted and server taken down, on which its technicians are working hard to repair it and the company had reported the illegal behavior to Beijing internet police.

While the company has not revealed the specific bitcoin amount the hacker demanded. According to public information, the company has just acquired tens of millions of yuan strategic investment ten days ago, with a total of $780 million raised in funding.

Yidao Yongche is a Chinese domestic e-commerce website platform that enables users to book professional car reservation services online. Currently, it has offered car-hailing services in more than 24 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, and Hangzhou, with a revenue of $1.6 billion and 5,000 employees.

The company’s notice aroused a great deal of public attention, especially bitcoiners in the country.


Justin Sun, founder and CEO of Tron, asked that how much bitcoin on earth the hacker demand, and said that as an old user of the company with one hundred thousand yuan balance left in his Yidao account, he would like to offer help.

Some even suspected that the alleged bitcoin blackmail is a distraction from the company’s financial distress, as users found that their balance withdrawal had been delayed for months.

Since the bitcoin bull run throughout 2017, bitcoin ransomware have been spreading all over the world. The infamous bitcoin ransomware cryptoworm WannaCry spread crazily in 2017 targeting computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system by encrypting data and demanding ransom payments in bitcoin. Though the security threats have subsided these days, bitcoin ransomware attacks still occur from time to time.

Following bitcoin’s latest bull run these days, cryptocurrency has once again attracted the attention of cybercriminals. Earlier this month, world’s leading crypto exchange Binance got hacked with over 7,000 BTC stolen from its hot wallets.


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